RunLog 7/1/11 – July is Here

Today I ran my usual mile, it had been cool most of the day, at least until I started to run, it got into the 80’s after it had been in the 70’s most of the day. The run itself was pretty good and coming back to the finish, I was even able to run more freely than I have this year.
The first part of the run I was stiff and felt sluggish. But I was using my old running style and as I got back into it, I felt a lot more comfortable running this way than I did trying to run more efficiently.

Running Summary

Time of Day: 3:00 P.M.
Course: Philbrick Rd-Howard Circle O/B
Town:  Sidney, ME.
Distance: 1.0
Time: 9:41
Week’s Total: 4.0 Miles
Month To Date: 1.0 Miles
Year To Date: 13.0 Miles
Total Days Run this year: 14
Current Streak: 2
Shoe:  Nike Dual Fusion St – 12.0

Originally written by Harold Shaw published at Veteran Runner © 2011 – All Rights Reserved. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Harold Shaw and Veteran Runner with appropriate and specific directions or links to the original content.

By Harold L. Shaw Posted in RunLog

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