RunLog – 11/7/11 – Running Easier

What a gorgeous freaking day for November 7th!!!!!

Bright sunshine, 61 degrees – perfect. I ran in shorts and long sleeve t-shirt – yes I put a bright yellow sleeveless tee over it, just to be more visible this time of year – after all it is hunting season out here in the country and I don’t want to end up as one of the hunted. 🙂

There got that out of my system. It is a great day outside and we took the Beaner for a 3.5 mile walk then I got to run my 2.0.  I thought about doing 3.0 before hand, but with the walk, I figured I better not push too much.During the run I had very little discomfort in my knee, one of those good days and I focused on my form more to make sure I kept my stride shorter and landing on my forefoot more. That seems to be helping.

Part of my usual running course, just after the top is my turnaround

Strangely enough, I am having some trouble with my right big toe, it almost feels as though I am getting an ingrown toenail, even though I have clipped it back a lot last night and this morning.  There is a build up of callous on the outside of the toe which I plan to soak and grind down a lot later, so I will see if that help. It didn’t bother during the run, actually it bothered more when I am walking???? Go figure.

On the good note I am definitely running better!  I got under 18:00 for a good 2.0 without pushing very hard and didn’t feel like I was dying at the end.

Maybe tomorrow after I take Bennie for a 3.5 trail walk over on the Messalonskee Stream Trail, I will try to do 3.0. It depends on how I feel after moving dirt around for a couple of hours this afternoon.

Overall this was a very good run.

Weight: 178
Time of Day:  11:30 A.M.
Temp:  61
Weather: Bright Sunshine, wind about 5 mph from the south.

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