RunLog – 11/8/11 and a Bruised Ego

Another absolutely gorgeous day, 63 degrees, very little wind.

Messalonskee Stream Trail

On days that I do a trail walk of more than 2.0 miles, I usually don’t run that day (yet), the trail walk is a great workout in and of itself.  So I am not going to push my knee too much and besides I had a bit of fun while doing the walk today, so I might want to take it easy the rest of the day.

Bennie and I went for a walk on the Messalonskee Stream Trail which is a 3.5 mile loop/out and back, probably my favorite local trail and one that I will use when I start trail running again to get myself in shape for running on trails, which is a lot different from road running.

So what did I do, well down on the point, somehow I slipped and fell and managed to put a branch through my shoe.

Holed Shoe

I got very lucky and the branch somehow missed my foot/toes???

I guess I zigged when I should have zagged, oh well. I will blame it on Bennie, he must have pulled and then when I stepped in the mud, I slipped. Luckily I didn’t hurt myself, just twisted a couple of things and bruised my ego, which is a good thing – made me pay attention to where I was going and what I was doing, instead of too much wool gathering

Yes as soon as I fell, I looked around to see if anyone was going to applaud, there wasn’t.  So no one else got to see grace personified in action and have a good laugh.

I still haven’t figured out how the branch got through the shoe like that though?

However, it means that a new pair of running shoes (minimalist trail shoes maybe???) are probably in my future, any suggestions?

Oh well here are the stats for the day.

Great walk!

Course:  Messalonskee Stream Trailwalk
Time:  NT
Mileage:  3.5
Shoes:  Nike Dual Fusion
Weight 178

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