RunLog 11/23/11 – Blizzard Running!

Today I officially rejoined the “crazy runners” club.

All morning long it has been snowing like hell and is considered a Nor’Easter aka Blizzard, it has been dubbed the 2011 Thanksgiving Blizzard. Here are a few pictures of what it was like out there while I was running.

When I first came out, the plow hadn’t been through yet
One of the better self-portraits during the run

After the snowplow went through, made running a lot easier, but a little slippery
Footprints in the snow

No it wasn’t really that bad out there, I have run in worse weather and a lot colder. While going out the wind was at my back and I could see pretty good, coming back in it was in my face and the 30 mile an hour gusts were a pain and reduced visibility pretty good.

Running in a snow storm like this you need to make sure you are visible, that is why I love my Brooks HiVis hat so much, it really makes it difficult for someone to say they couldn’t see me. The other thing when I run in snow is that I pick a relative easy course and do lots of laps, that way if something happens or the weather really gets bad, I am at no time less than a 1/2 mile from the house – Safety first.

The Saucony Peregrines did absolutely fantastic, I went for a walk after in my boots and slipped around more than I did while wearing the Peregrines running. I had on a pair of Merino Wool socks and my feet were plenty warm in at the 30 degree weather. I like using trail shoes as my running shoes in winter time, I have good grip and repel most of the snow, as long as it isn’t too deep.

Overall, this run was a great reminder of what winter running is like, you just have to dress correctly, slow down a little, make sure of your foot plant and pay attention for traffic, yes there were still crazy people out driving around, but no other runners.

The toughest part of the run was doing the first step and “the look” from TheWife, ah well she is a runner too, so she understands why I am doing it.

Yes I know that I am a little odd and this picture proves it, smiling like that – while out running in the middle of a Nor’Easter.

Gotta love it.

Originally written by Harold Shaw or Mary Shaw and published at One Foot In Reality, © 2011 – All Rights Reserved. 

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