AVR – January 2012 in Review

It has been a busy month for me at “A Veteran Runnah” and best of all my running is really starting to take shape with a few longer runs here and there, plus the occasional faster for me runs.

The hardest part has been reining myself back, to not try to do too much too quickly, just because I am feeling great while running and I want to do even more – especially the speed work.  So that has really been a battle for me.

Part of why I was so busy was trying to get “A Veteran Runnah” going in the direction I want it to go. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to move from Blogger to WordPress.com, I hadn’t originally thought that I would do this, but found it necessary.  I always liked Blogger, but I couldn’t get “AVR” to look the way or completely do what I wanted with the themes I wanted to use. Those were the main reasons for the blog host change. Continue reading

It’s Snowing Yet Again – 1-31-12

It is snowing yet again, not enough to have fun in, just that steady flurry activity that gives you about 2 inches of snow over the course of a whole day. It is just enough to make it slippery to run on, even with trail shoes, but not really enough to wear the SoleSpikes. So I just wore my Peregrines.

Run 1-31-12 Looking towards hill

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Researching for my Next Pair of Running Shoes

It was bound to happen, my Saucony Peregrines running shoes, after 257.6 miles are starting show some clear signs of wear, but only in one place.

In my post about Choosing New Running Shoes, I talked about doing your own research before you go ahead and buy a new pair of running shoes. This way you have a better idea of what you are looking for, what is out there and the price ranges for a particular shoe you might be interested in, when you do go to look for your new shoes.

Also you will be able to ask the salesperson “intelligent” questions about their recommendations, instead following them blindly – I don’t follow anyone blindly.  They may know a lot about running shoes, but they usually don’t know a lot about you.

Since I have noticed that my Peregrines are going to need replacement in a month or so, now is the time to take my own advice and start researching for my next pair of running shoes. So here it begins. Continue reading

For Guys Only – Ladies You Won’t Be Interested

Sorry ladies this post will be about as interesting to you, as your posts about bras, panties, capris or make-up are to me :-).

However, if your guy has problems with chafing – read on.

Also don’t plan on me modeling this product on my blog, I definitely am not a male model and I don’t believe too many people are interested in seeing this old fart in some underwear – it would not be a pretty site, besides I am rather modest ;-).

Last week I was complaining about my compression shorts chafing me, after my long run in my RunLog blog post, last Monday, which I linked in my DailyMile entry and I got this Tweet.

Skeptical at first Continue reading

Welcome to A Veteran Runnah

Welcome to A Veteran Runnah

Running has been one of my passions for many years. It has helped me through some very tough times, is part of some fantastic memories and allowed me to meet people, who I never would have met otherwise.

Fortunately, I have been around long enough to be considered a veteran runner (age group) – one of the joys of being an old fart.  Also I served 21 years in the Coast Guard and am that kind of veteran too.

Ayuh – I am from Maine and instead of “er” we often say “ah” thus the term Runnah.

Hence the blog’s name “A Veteran Runnah”. Continue reading

AVR Week In Review – 1/29/12

The big news of the week was that I moved “A Veteran Runnah” from Blogger to WordPress.com, after thinking about it last weekend, I decided to just do it. The reasons are here and how it went are here.  I still have to update and edit just under a hundred posts, but I plan to get that done this week :-).

Below is the un-cropped photo that I used in my header.  YES believe it or not it is a picture of me, in shorts, in January. I don’t ever remember doing that in Maine.

Other than that it has been a very quiet week. Oh I did learn that I am going to be a grandpa for the 4th time only this one is a girl – that is pretty damn exciting! Gotta get out to Minnesota this summer somehow :-). Continue reading

Freeze Your Thorns Off – 5K Recap

Like a more than few others, I decided to run in the Second Annual Freeze Your Thorns Off – 5K. This is a virtual race put on by The Boring Runner. You could run Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  I had GPS issues yesterday, so I didn’t get a 5K time on my run, so I ended up doing it today.

The cadence training is paying some dividends, I am going faster, without feeling like somebody is whooping on me with a big stick!! That is a good thing :-). I planned on doing 3 Laps on Philbrick which is 2.7 miles and then run the flats until I hit 3.1, at least that was the plan.

I was feeling really good through my 3 laps, I started out slower and then continued to pick up the pace a little each lap and felt strong for the last .4 tenths. I had gone through 2.7  in 21:29. When I took my iPhone out of my pocket, it hadn’t started, I deflated right there! Continue reading

How Did the Move to WordPress.com Go?

Last Monday, I decided to switch over my blog to WordPress.com and I explained my reasons in my post Switching to WordPress.com. This week has flown by and while I have not completely finished the move – I still have about 100 more posts to edit and update, I feel very comfortable and yes – happy with how the move went. There are still some tweaking going on here and there, but most of the major work is done.


I didn’t stay with the theme that I originally had on Monday it was nice, but not exactly what I was looking for. However, I really believe that my current theme is one of the best themes I have ever used. It is neat, clean and presents my blog in a way that is both personal, yet professional looking and I am very happy with the way it turned out.

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