Epic Internet Fail at Home 1/11/12

A new day dawning 🙂

We are experiencing an Epic Fail of the Internet at my house.

So I am just a little frustrated!

We were having some pretty significant issues with the Internet most of last night, being slow, browsers crashing and it just acting wonky (good technical term).

That isn’t good for someone who is trying hard to increase his web presence and get a blog off the ground that is just over a month old.

Last night I tried to get involved with a podcast that was being made, then “talk” on #fitblog’s weekly Twitter chat – on a topic that relates directly to what I am attempting to do and even when checking my email it was not working well.I just happened to be in the middle of a major site crash and subsequent re-design, when the Internet stopped working completely. Which really, really sucked and got my stress levels way up. After messing around for about 1/2 hour trying to get the Internet back I gave up.  I just went to bed feeling pretty frustrated and hopeful that it would be back up in the morning.This morning the router had the ugly orange light indicating “whoa boss no Internet yet”, verses of the beautiful blue one which tells me everything is okay and I can get back to work. Usually my TWC Internet has been very reliable and these outages only last a few minutes and are more of an inconvenience than a problem.

Today it is a problem.

We called it in and during the conversation discovered that they had several calls of dropped Internet connections in our area. So it doesn’t appear to be a problem on our end (which I never thought it was). What is the most frustrating is that the soonest that they can get a service call out is sometime between 3 and 7 tomorrow afternoon and we have fairly significant snow storm coming in 6-12 inches – so I will be surprised if we see anyone from the cable company tomorrow.

This means for a few days we will not have Internet at the house which is a pain in the butt!

Especially when I know that people are visiting my site and it was in shambles – that is not the kind of impression that you want to leave an initial visitor or have your regular readers wonder what you are doing. I haven’t been able to respond to email, Twitter, Google + or Facebook or other social media sites I regularly haunt. I was able to go down to my local McDonalds, buy a cup of coffee and get the site back up, but things are still not where I want them to be.

I apologize, if you visited “A Veteran Runnah” and it didn’t work or look right for you.
You don’t stop and realize how much we as a society have come to rely on the Internet to communicate, work and just find out what is going on in the world – Until you don’t have it.It is making me reconsider having “everything” in the cloud and start using a few more of the desktop tools for Mail, RSS and Calendar then syncing with the Cloud.I hope that the Internet service, will somehow magically start working sometime today, when they get their servers back up.

At least I don’t need the Internet to go for my run today, so I will be able to do that even it doesn’t come back up right away and help lower my stress levels a lot.

Technology is great when it is working the way you expect it to, but sucks when it doesn’t.Keep smiling and good things will happen! 🙂Originally written by Harold Shaw published at “A Veteran Runnah” © 2011 – All Rights Reserved. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Harold Shaw and A Veteran Runnah” with appropriate and specific directions or links to the original content.

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