Running – 40 Years Series

It doesn’t seem possible that I started running over 40 years ago. No I am not an élite runner – far from it, I am just a pretty average one who running has ranged from jogger to road racer.

Over the course of all those years, there have been several interruptions and times when I did not run as much:

  • I got injured a lot (usually from training stupidly) or things not related to running i.e. falling off roofs, playing racquetball, just being active and clumsy :-),
  • Life has gotten in the way far too often (kids, work, priorities change)

but I have always come back to running. Continue reading


AVR – February 2012 in Review

February was my first full month of “A Veteran Runnah” at, I moved from Blogger on January 23rd and haven’t really looked back since. In some ways being limited by what I can do on has been a good thing, it has given me time think about where I really want to take this blog, without the worry of trying to monetize it too. I have passed up on a couple of opportunities that if I had been on Blogger, I might have thought about more seriously, but being here couldn’t do them.

Honestly, being on simplifies things for me a great deal and has allowed me to focus on writing, instead of back-end management issues. Which is what I wanted to do.

I am making great progress on my 2012 running goals and have had a couple of minor injuries that rest has taken care of. I did go through the “Great February Shoe Hunt” and ended up with one of the shoes on my Top 5 Shoe List – The Saucony Kinvara – after almost a 2 week period of searching. Yesterday, I got my credit notification from New Balance for returning my NB MT20s and ordered the MT110s to have as my trail shoes. I should be getting them soon. Continue reading

Middle Road Loop Plus 2-29-12

Blake Road 2-29-12

When I ran this morning it said 27º with a little breeze from the west, not too cold and the sun was shining. Which is something that we will be lacking for the next few day (probably Sunday before we really see it again), we have a pretty good storm heading our way and dependent upon where the snow line finally snaps, we could get any where from 3-12. Personally I am rather hoping for the 3 – I am ready for spring and running in shorts and a t-shirt again.  So tomorrow March will come in like a lion – the question will be – does it go out like a lamb?

Today’s run again was actually pretty good once I settled into a nice pace, but once I hit the Blake road, at just under 3.2 or so, the footing got rather slick, which just caused me to slow down a little more. None of the hills bothered my hamstring very much and I picked up the pace pretty well on the last mile – compared to what I had run before that. I have a feeling that I will be running slower than normal for another week or so, but by gum I am running, so I am happy still.  Continue reading

Hammie is letting me run-SLOWLY 2-28-12

Goodhue to Home Elevation/Pace Chart 2-28-12

Today was supposed to be a recovery run after yesterday’s first day back, so of course, when I felt pretty good, I decided to push it a bit further than I originally planned.

TheWife asked me how my run was when I got back and then added, “I thought you said you were only going to run 3 or 5, you were gone an awful long time”. I just told her that I did, but I just added them together. Yes I did 8.0 miles today – might I add a very slow 8.0 miles, but 8.0 it was. 2.0 miles was through down back and the footing was not that good to go fast either, so I just plugged along.

That hamstring strain from the snow removal fiasco Saturday, has a long way to go before it is completely healed and it lets me know if I get going too fast. Right now about as fast as I can go is a 9:30 pace, any faster, the hammie really starts to bark at me. So guess what I listened to it and then it lets me run. The hamstring felt the same at 1/2 mile as it did at 3 or 8, so I can go pretty far, just not fast. Given the choice of no running or running slow, I will run slow. Continue reading

Running Vicariously thru Other Runners

Screen shot from The Crossroads Blog 2-28-12

Part of the fun of becoming part of the online running community over the past 5 months is that I gotten to “meet” a lot of other runners (some of those are very good runners) through Twitter or their blogs. Does this mean that they talk with me and we are great buddies – no.

It does mean that they have given me glimpses into their lives and their running through social media platforms – especially their blogs. These glimpses into other runners lives, has motivated me to do more than I might have otherwise and makes me realize how lucky I am to be part of this online running community.

I have subscriptions in my RSS feed for almost every kind of runner: recreational, injured, back of the pack, middle of the pack, front of the pack, ultra-runners, barefoot runners, minimalist runners, trail runners, élite road racers, Olympic hopefuls and most everything in between. I learn something from each blog and enjoy reading the exploits of my fellow runners.

Truthfully a part of me lives vicariously through their running (whatever their level) and I try to imagine putting myself in their place during their race or tough training session or how I would deal with what they did. Continue reading

Running Challenges Us?

English: Running out of Torpoint. A Sunday mor...

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Running is always challenging us.

It is a sport where the only person that can do the work is the person looking back at you in the mirror – there usually are no teammates to help make you look good if you are having a bad day.

In other words running is pretty all about what you are doing, when you are running and the challenges you make for yourself.

The Challenges

To simply run

While almost all of us ran at least a little when we kids, fighting the obligations of family, work, the lure of the Internet, other pursuits and the general slothdom that seems to pervade our society make running a challenge.

It is much easier to sit on our ever-expanding ass-ends and push our seats back a little, so that our bellies are not uncomfortably close to the computer desk or rest the laptop on that cushy/mushy lap of ours then it is to open the door and go for a walk – much less a run.  To many in today’s society, just getting up to start moving is a serious challenge. You hear the complaints, it hurts, I have too much to do and not enough time and all those other excuses to not run. Continue reading

Surprise Run Today 2-27-12

Saucony Kinvara - Loving them so far!

I was able to run today – although it was slow, it was still running and I feel really great about it!!!!!

My cranky hamstring was feeling pretty good after a day of mostly sitting on the heating pad and another full night of rest.

I have done 100 ups before most of my runs over the last month and decided that if I could do 200 that I would try a short and slow run.  I did the 200 up without any problems – no pain and just a little discomfort. So I figured that trying an easy run would be worth it. Continue reading

AVR – Week in Review 2-26-12

This has been a pretty good week until moving snow yesterday and I tweaked my left hamstring, which is going to put me on the shelf for a few days. Other than that this has been a very quiet week.

Running Summary This Week

RunLog Week of 2/26/12

Weekly Summary 2-26-12

I have gone to focusing more on time than just distance for my daily run, this is quite a difference for me and I am still not used to it and don’t know i I will switch over to this completely or not. Some things I like and others I do not. Continue reading