Snowmobile Trail Running – 2/1/12

I was planning on the same hill workout that I did last week, however, the roads were too nasty to consider doing any kind of speed workout today.

Add a little freezing rain on top of this a little later :(.

What did I do?

I ran 5.0 miles on the snowmobile trails in back of my house. It was the hardest 5.0 miles I have run in a long, long time! Continue reading


The Myth – Running is Cheap

There is a myth that many in the running community seems to like to perpetuate, that all you need is a pair of shorts, t-shirt, socks and a pair of running shoes to go running.

Let me tell you the truth that it is a myth – something that may have been true once upon a time, but is not the reality in today’s world.

What do you need to run?

Running Shoes

Yes you need a pair of good running shoes to run – that is just the way it is, unless you want to run barefoot (and many are trying it, but alas winter in Maine make barefoot running a tad uncomfortable). However, the running shoe companies take full advantage of this need to cover our feet and the average running shoe goes for somewhere  around $100. Continue reading