I Really Hate Philbrick Hill

When I worked on the UCONN campus at the Coast Guard R&D Center at Avery Point  (when it was located there) in the mid ’80 we had this hill and called it “The Bitch”, because it was. We used to purposely run courses just to run up the damn thing. Well today I did the same thing, I couldn’t go down back, the road was a lot too slippery and I had a small knot in my left calf, so I wanted to stay on good solid footing for my run today. So I ran down and then back up Philbrick Hill and it was a “bitch”.

I was supposed to do 5.0 miles total this afternoon, however, I also wanted to do the MiCoach Assessment Workout. So I did that first and now know that I am not in as good a shape as I thought I was, but I am getting there. After the assessment, I felt really tired from Wednesday’s run, so I took it pretty easy and didn’t run very hard, I was more interested in the “how far” than “how fast”. Continue reading


Possible Running Shoes – List Narrowed Down

Last week I talked about starting the process to research which running shoes I should get for my next pair – probably sometime in March, but sooner if my Peregrines start to really bother my heel.

The big reason for the research is to narrow down the shoes from everything that is available to about 20 or so, that I would want to look at more closely to see how they match my running needs.

Background and Requirements

My running information and requirements for my new shoes are: Continue reading

My iPhone Running App

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Ever since I got my old iPhone 3G, I have searched, for the perfect Apps to track my walking/running progress, especially now that I am running more again. It doesn’t matter, that I now longer have a data plan or don’t use the iPhone as a phone, the GPS Apps (and others) still work and I can connect to the Internet using its WiFi capabilities.

This post is not a comparison of different Running Log/Trainer Apps, it is about the iPhone App that works best for me.

To let you know which Apps I used during this time, so people don’t go oh this is one is so great too – I have tried the following Apps: RunKeeper, LogYourRun, Pedometer, Distance Free, 5k Runner, Runtastic Pro, Joggy Coach, iMapmyRun, Nike+ GPS, Trails, Endomondo and a few others that I deleted. It wasn’t that they didn’t work or were not good Apps, they just didn’t do what I was wanting from a Running App.

What do I want in my running app Continue reading

Marathon Poll Results and Questions

Back on January 24th, I wrote the post Why Run A Marathon?. In that post was a small poll that I asked readers to take. I thought the results of the poll were interesting and wanted to share them with you.

Below is a pie chart of the answers I got

While this is only a small sampling size, I think it is pretty indicative of why runners run a marathon. Continue reading