Slow Going Thru the Ice Road – 2-4-12

Ran Middle Rd Loop + Howard Circle for the first time this year.

Speed/Elevation Overlay Chart 2-4-12

Of course at the end of the run I forgot to completelt turn off MiCoach with its multiple step off system, but I didn’t forget to shut off my watch and it said 52:44 for the course. No all that much faster, but I will take what I can get :-).

I felt really good after running a total of 6.0 miles yesterday. Earlier in the day, I decided that I wanted to go over 30 miles this week, so I needed the extra mileage beyond what I had planned, so I don’t have to kill myself tomorrow. Besides I wanted to see how my body would react with two longer runs consecutively.

I felt really good all the way to Campbell Farm, you can see I stayed mostly in the green zone (except for a couple of hills), but when I hit Blake Road and the ice/snow – I didn’t even try to go fast, I just tried a steady pace that would get me through that area safely. Once I hit the tar again I picked it up and decided to add on Howard Circle, just to let the legs move a little faster for a little while.  Overall it was a good run, until I hit what you see in the pictures below:

Blake Road #1

Blake Road #2

Almost Home - The Last Hill

The center doesn’t look too bad does it, well if you try to push off at all, your foot moves the snow and you come in direct contact with ice and start sliding around. So it was slow and tedious through this section, but I made it safely, which was the important part.  Sometimes you just have to let the conditions dictate your speed.

Nope I took it nice and slow down-back, it isn’t worth a pulled muscle or worse. Overall I felt pretty good, the right knee was not too keen about ice running, but once I got back on top, it was fine. Actually I needed the longer run today and feel really good now that it is over, plus I only have to do a couple tomorrow to go over 30 miles in a week for the first time since 2006!

RunLog 2-4-12

Time of Run: 3:00 P.M.
Temp: 29F
Weather: Sun Winds out of NW at 10-15 mph

Did rally good until I hit B

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4 comments on “Slow Going Thru the Ice Road – 2-4-12

  1. Nice going! That road does look a bit scary. I don’t mind running on powdery dry snow but not a fan of ice or slush! Looks like you had a great week.

    Like the new blog look very much!

    • Thank you for the gracious comment on the blog, as long as I don’t push down back it isn’t too bad, but if I try for any kind of push or speed, I end up on my butt or worse. So I have learned the hard way either go slow or don’t run down there. I didn’t get to the PO, but will mail the book out Mon/Tues :-). Been stuck at home too much.

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