Narrowed the Choices Down to 5 Running Shoes

I knew this day was going to come, it is the bane of most runners – my current running shoes are wearing out. We know that when we buy running shoes that they have a limited life expectancy. When our primary shoes have 200-300 miles on them, we usually need to start to thinking about what our next shoe is going to be. My Saucony Peregrines reached that mark a few weeks ago and unfortunately I had to start to think about new shoes then.

Here are my earlier posts in this series:

I have researched many shoes over the past few weeks, thought about what I want/need in a shoe – a lot, looked multiple shoe company and running store sites, blogs and reviews about different running shoes. Based on everything that I have learned while doing this research, I have come up with the following list of 5 Running Shoes that seem to meet my requirements for running this spring, summer and hopefully into the fall. Continue reading


AVR Week In Review – 1/29/12

This was a very quiet week, without a lot going on. I finally got the post updated/edited after the move to and can focus more on the writing, than back-end management now.

I do know that I am starting to get tired of winter and having to run bundled up, by the end of February, it will definitely be time to start really moving towards spring. Yes we still have to get through this month, but December and January are now behind us and there is a small light at the end of the tunnel :-).

Running This Week Continue reading

GoatHead Gear Sole Spike Reivew 3 of 3

Back on January 15th, I received a set of SoleSpikes from GoatHead Gear to review on this blog. SoleSpikes are supposed to help give you better traction on snow and ice, than you would with regular shoes/boots or in my case running shoes. Here are my two previous posts on SoleSpikes:

Since then my wife and I have each had SoleSpikes in one shoe and sheet metal screws in the other to test the differences between the two and to see if SoleSpikes are – to be blunt, worth the extra cost. Continue reading

Easy Run Today – 2-5-12

Today I was scheduled to do trails, but after two 5+ runs Friday, Saturday and a scheduled 8.0 on Monday, I thought that I would only do a couple of easy miles.

I am not used to running this early any more, but it felt good to get my run out of the way. It is girls day out, so Bennie and I are having a guys day today. It was a bit chilly when I walked Bennie an hour or so earlier (5º), but it had warmed up to about 15º by the time I ran, but I still I bundled up good. I don’t care 15º is still cold to me. 😉

The run itself was just a nice comfortable run to get some work in and be outside taking in the sunshine (just not too much warmth). I worked on my cadence and stayed above 85, but I really want it to get above 90.  I will get there, but just have to keep working. Continue reading