Easy Run Today – 2-5-12

Today I was scheduled to do trails, but after two 5+ runs Friday, Saturday and a scheduled 8.0 on Monday, I thought that I would only do a couple of easy miles.

I am not used to running this early any more, but it felt good to get my run out of the way. It is girls day out, so Bennie and I are having a guys day today. It was a bit chilly when I walked Bennie an hour or so earlier (5º), but it had warmed up to about 15º by the time I ran, but I still I bundled up good. I don’t care 15º is still cold to me. 😉

The run itself was just a nice comfortable run to get some work in and be outside taking in the sunshine (just not too much warmth). I worked on my cadence and stayed above 85, but I really want it to get above 90.  I will get there, but just have to keep working.

Wow did a lot of research on what I want for my next running shoes last night and think that I have it narrowed down to about 5-6, now to really look at those shoes more closely and be ready for when I actually decide to buy them in March or if a great sale happens between now and then to be ready for it.

RunLog 2-5-12

Time of Run: 9:21
Temp: 15º F
Weather: Sunshine very little wind

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