I Saw Mud Down-Back – A Sign of Spring?

Today was just a slow recovery run after yesterday’s 8+ run. I ran down-back to Bartlett Rd and came back up and added Howard Circle to give me a good 3+ run.

The footing was getting a little treacherous down there, because there is still ice on the road, with a surface layer of melted snow/ice that is turning to slush, along with short stretches of mud. So it is slightly challenging and you have to pay attention to where you put your feet.

I just ran easily and still maintained a nice 9:00 min pace, that taken with the conditions I was very happy about. While on the tough part of the road, the pace was probably over 10:00, but better safe than sorry. According to iSmoothRun my cadence was 87, which is a little slower than my goal of 90, but I will take it.  Below is a picture of what down-back now looks like.

The bad part of this run was that my Peregrines started to bother my heel and I definitely need to move my time-table up for replacing them a lot sooner than I had expected or wanted to. I need the new shoes by tomorrow.

Time of Run: 2:40 P.M.
Temp: 42
Weather: Sunshine and winds out of the NW @15-20 mph

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5 comments on “I Saw Mud Down-Back – A Sign of Spring?

  1. My driveway is a mudpit right now – aahhh just early mud season. No worries, we’ll get snow again and have to go through mud season again! You have far more snow there than we do in Gardiner! Keep us posted on the shoes you get!

    • We have to keep a layer of snow which turns to ice on our driveway, otherwise the snowblower hammers the house with the crushed rock we have on it. Not much mud in the driveway because of that and not much down-back today after last night’s re-freeze

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