What a Beautiful Day to Run 2-9-12

Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for a great run – mid 30’s and bright sunshine. Even though it was a scheduled day off, I ran – I really wanted to run in my new MT-20s, they felt that good yesterday.

However, today they didn’t feel as good, not bad, but I definitely knew when I got lazy and didn’t focus on my form. Also I can tell that I am using muscles differently, that little calf strain is definitely one of those “hi guy”, but is reacting well to heat and massaging. The bottoms of my both feet are most definitely being used differently than they were in the Peregrines and are telling me all about it. Continue reading


The Winter Runner Stink

2 Days worth of Running Clothes

If you live in colder parts of the country – you know those places that you need to dress in something besides shorts and a t-shirt to run during the winter. Someplace, where since October/November you have dressed in layers, to keep yourself reasonably warm while enjoying your daily run outside.

Well I have run outside a lot this year – since October and as a result of running so much and the layering system I use, I have worn a lot of clothes and have done a lot of sweating in them (yes I sweat outside even in the winter). Unfortunately, as a result of all this sweating, my winter running gear is getting rather fragrant.

Well to be honest, according to my wife – they #$%$ing stink!

My winter running clothes have developed The Winter Runner Stink. Continue reading