What a Beautiful Day to Run 2-9-12

Today was a beautiful day in the neighborhood for a great run – mid 30’s and bright sunshine. Even though it was a scheduled day off, I ran – I really wanted to run in my new MT-20s, they felt that good yesterday.

However, today they didn’t feel as good, not bad, but I definitely knew when I got lazy and didn’t focus on my form. Also I can tell that I am using muscles differently, that little calf strain is definitely one of those “hi guy”, but is reacting well to heat and massaging. The bottoms of my both feet are most definitely being used differently than they were in the Peregrines and are telling me all about it.

The run itself was pretty good 26:19 – 5K without pushing hard is  pretty good for where I am at in my training. In a real 5K race, I might be able to get down under 25:00, which would be amazing from where I was in October!

















I have used the cadence app in iSmoothRun to help me get the cadence up to 90 (180) and doing this while I am transitioning to the new shoes might be a bit too much. Probably tomorrow I will use MiCoach and just run, not worrying about the cadence going ding, ding, ding all the time :-). Plus that way, I don’t have to wear headphones.

No changing to a minimalist shoe like the MT-20 is not going to be as easy as I hoped. It means that I will probably have to cut my mileage back and slow down my pace for a while to get acclimated to running this way. I have a feeling that might actually be a good thing to have some easier runs for a while. It might give my body a chance to heal some and get ready for the next uptick in my training.


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