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It has been almost 2 weeks since I got my Tommie Copper Knee and Calf sleeves and I love them. During the time that I have had them, I have worn them almost every day.

How is it Going?

I did a quick experiment and did not wear the Tommie Copper sleeves for one full 24 hour period just to see if they made a difference or was it all in my head.

Let’s just put it this way, my knee ached more than it did when I was wearing them, my legs felt more tired and when I ran without the calf sleeves they felt tighter at the end of the 5.0 mile run than they had while I wore the Tommie Coppers. Unscientific as hell – absolutely! However, as long as I am feeling better by wearing the Tommie Copper sleeves, I am going to keep wearing them. Or at least try to.

TheWife has discovered that they do help and she is using one of my calf sleeves to help her sore leg feel better and has decided that one is now hers to wear, unless I am doing a long run. Then she grudgingly “allows” me to wear it :-). To me this was when I really decided that the sleeves were working and doing something positive.

How am I using the Tommie Copper sleeves?  

When I run longer than 3 miles, I wear the calf sleeves. They do help keep my calves from tightening up on a run and I know that I run more comfortably wearing the Tommy Copper sleeves than I do without them.

I don’t wear the knee sleeves during my runs, I just don’t like the feeling. I start wearing them after I shower, to bed and take them off in the morning. My right knee has been a lot less cranky since I started doing this and that to me is huge. Anything that helps my knee feel better, is going to help my running and walking be done more easily.

They are not perfect, they were not able to protect me from myself when I made a huge training error and re-aggravated my calf strain, but I am coming back from it faster than I thought I would based on past experience and I believe that the Tommie Copper sleeves have something to do with the speedier recovery.

Tommie Copper Knee & Calf Sleeves Links

Knee sleeves 

Calf sleeves

The Reality is that

I usually like to do one more review to see how I like a product after a longer period, in this case I don’t feel that need. Tommie Copper’s knee and calf sleeves have worked as advertised for me and worked very well. I don’t know if it is the compression or the copper infused thread and to be honest I don’t really care, just as long as they keep on working.

Now I have to go buy a Tommie Copper calf sleeve to replace the one that has been requisitioned by TheWife and while I am at it go ahead and get the ankle sleeves as well. 🙂

FTC Disclaimer – I was provided these products free of charge to review them on my blog and received no other forms of compensation to do this review. My opinions about this product are my own, based upon my experience while I am using this product.


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