Calf is Not Ready for Prime Time Yet 2-13-12

Today is day 4 of no running, well actually almost no running. I went out and tried, but less than 100 yards into the run, just shut it down. It wasn’t ready yet and I am not going to push through the pain, just to run a short distance and make things worse. I just have to be patient. It is getting better, but not ready for prime time yet 😦

However, it doesn’t bother me to walk, so I walk. I started my transition plan to my minimalist shoes yesterday and completed day 2 this morning. They only consisted of doing non weight-bearing scrunching of the toes and extending them 10 times. Then going for a 30 minute walk in the MT20s. Continue reading


My Transition Plan to Minimalist Running Shoes

New Balance Minimus Trail 20

I have documented “how not to transition” to minimalist running shoes in my Who is the Running Minimalism Dummy Now? post. Where I plainly say what I did was stupid and looking back, I believe that even more now, than when I wrote it.

The calf strain that I re-aggravated and am suffering through because of running too much, too fast, too soon in my MT20s was totally preventable. I should have listened to the advice given out by other runners who have transitioned to minimalist running shoes, New Balance and other minimalist shoe companies, about the need to transition slowly to this type of running shoe and form.

If I had – I would have run without interruption and not have my calf be re-injured and feel worse than it did in the original injury. As my dad says should’ve, could’ve, would’ve, doesn’t mean rat’s ass when you already have done it.

So I over-did my initial running in my MT20s and am living with the consequences – the question is now that I have learned my lesson, what am I doing about it – since I have had a few forced days off from running to reflect on what happened? Continue reading