Calf is Not Ready for Prime Time Yet 2-13-12

Today is day 4 of no running, well actually almost no running. I went out and tried, but less than 100 yards into the run, just shut it down. It wasn’t ready yet and I am not going to push through the pain, just to run a short distance and make things worse. I just have to be patient. It is getting better, but not ready for prime time yet 😦

However, it doesn’t bother me to walk, so I walk. I started my transition plan to my minimalist shoes yesterday and completed day 2 this morning. They only consisted of doing non weight-bearing scrunching of the toes and extending them 10 times. Then going for a 30 minute walk in the MT20s.

I actually felt pretty good during and after the walk. Maybe it was the time of day that I tried to run, I had been in town and doing a lot of standing walking, so maybe that had something to do with it being sore? Will try to run before the day 3 activity and do some taping to help support the calf to give it a chance to heal better.

RunLog 2-13-12

Just gotta stay positive, smart, patient and this too shall pass :-).


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