Happy Days Are Here Again – 1.0 Mile Done 2-14-12

Happy days are here again – I ran a total of a mile! Not all at once, but I did run a mile today and was not in pain after.

The first was .4 to just see how the calf would feel. It felt tight, but not sore. Then I did an upper body workout for about 1/2 hour – which I don’t like doing, just hate lifting weights, but gotta do something :-).  I still felt pretty damn good so I went to see how far I could run before experiencing discomfort. I was able to get down to the 35 MPH hour sign, when the calf started to feel a little tighter, so I turned around and slowly came back, no pain, just a little bit of tightness. At that point I thought it would be smart to just shut it down and wait another day to try again.

But I Ran! It was slow and short, but it was running pain-free.

I am optimistic about today, but I really have to temper that with – go slow grasshopper, don’t be STUPID!


MT20 transition program:

  • 10 ankle circles each direction
  • 30:00 minute walk

RunLog 2-14-12


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