TheWife and Valentine’s Day

TheWife and I have been together since November 29, 2000. Her real name is Mary, but it is more fun just calling her TheWife on the blog – it makes her sound so mean, rotten and nasty, which she definitely is not.

You see she is the love of my life and my partner, not just the person I live with or am married to. Mary makes me a better person and is the woman I cherish being with.

She has been a runner most of her adult life and mostly understands and generally supports this strange malady I have. That need of mine to go run, even when others have said I shouldn’t, when the weather is bad or it is late.

If I haven’t run, she will often ask if I am going out for my run or not. Many days that simple question, has made the difference for me to run or not. I don’t know if it is because I get cranky if I don’t run or if she is just supporting my good habit.

The one thing about running and me that Mary doesn’t understand, is my need for so many running shoes. However, she is tolerant of my forays into new and different styles and brands, while she generally just plugs along in her Nikes and is happy.

I used to tell my students that TheWife was 6’6″ and 460 pounds and that I had to do what she said or else. For most of every year the kids didn’t know what to think, the way that I would talk about her (in fun). I just would tell them that she told me what I would be doing and didn’t take any guff from me, otherwise she would throw me over her shoulder and show me who was boss. The funny thing was usually sometime during the third quarter I would take out this picture of us, put it on my desk and eventually one of them would notice. Then the questions would start – they would say, who is that you are with and I would tell them it was my wife. She is actually around 5’2″, a very petite and pretty little blond. Needless to say that got more than a few comments from the students and we had fun with it.

Mary has stood behind me during a couple of career changes and career course corrections over these years. Most recently, supported my going into an early retirement, even though waiting an extra year or two would have been more prudent financially, but she could see what teaching was doing to my health.

She has been there for me after I have wacked my chest with a crowbar (damn near killed me) – while pulling stumps, falling off the roof – while shoveling snow and surgery on my knee. She definitely has seen the grumpy side of me and has been there in my moments of triumph also. Mary has been there through thick and thin and has been a guiding light to the direction that I needed to go.

However, here on the blog she will be forever know as “TheWife” and no I don’t need a special day to remember how much I love her. Hopefully, I remember to show it in my actions and my words every day.

Mary thank you for putting up with me and I do love you.


10 comments on “TheWife and Valentine’s Day

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  3. I call my husband “the hubster”when I refer to him online. And he really is 6’6”! Like Mary, he’s a keeper. I teach group fitness classes, which he has always been supportive about. Neither of us run though!

    • It is good when you have a “keeper”, no Mary is “TheWife” and I am very happy that she is :-). Not everyone is a runner, but as long as you are both active and have fun together and support each other, it is a great thing!

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