Things Are Getting Better – 2-15-12

My run today was pain-free! which was a good thing, I was able to run 3.0 miles in just over 30:00 minutes. However, when I put any kind of forward lean into the run, I could feel the calf tightening, so I just ran upright and it was fine. I purposely ran slow, just to make sure that I didn’t overstress the calf , but I don’t have any shoes now to do my daily runs in.

At some point I will get this figured out.

My Saucony Peregrines are not wearable as running shoes anymore, they started to blister my left heel at about 290 miles and since operating on them they just are not as comfortable and when I ran in them, they still feel like they are going to put a good-sized blister very quickly on my heel if I run any distance in them. It was really too bad, because until this all started they were headed to being a top 5 favorite all-time shoe, now they going to the give away pile tonight – so that I don’t run in them. So that sucks. Continue reading