First Run in Asics Gel Blur 33 – 2/16/12

I went out and did it, I bought yet another pair of running shoes and here is the story behind why I got the Asics Gel Blur 33 today.  Let’s just say it was necessary. To be honest they were not what I was expecting to be buying today and I cannot say that I absolutely love them and have always wanted to run in them.  However, of all the choices and shoes available to me that I have been able to actually try on lately, they seemed to be the right one for now.

Asics Gel Blue 33

I have run in Asics before and while they were not what I was originally looking for, I think that they will be what I need as a nice compliment to the MT20s when I get done with that transition. A blend of the old style running shoe and the new minimal running shoes. Continue reading


Raiding the “Cookie Jar” – New Running Shoes Again

After my efforts yesterday to find a pair of old shoes that, I could use while I was transitioning to my New Balance MT20s, resulted in less than spectacular – to be honest nothing that I had around the house was going to work. TheWife and I decided that it would probably be wiser to go ahead and buy another pair of running shoes and that way I would have a pair to alternate in the future. Which in theory allows both shoes to last longer.

So we raided the cookie jar and used the proceeds towards getting me another pair of running shoes.

Went to Brunswick

After not really finding what I wanted in the Augusta area last week, I also decided to go down to the Maine Running Company in Brunswick – about 45 minutes away. I prefer to buy from the local running stores when possible and this is the closest running store to where I live. Plus it is really nicer to try on the shoes you are buying instead, blind sizing that you do online. Continue reading