First Run in Asics Gel Blur 33 – 2/16/12

I went out and did it, I bought yet another pair of running shoes and here is the story behind why I got the Asics Gel Blur 33 today.  Let’s just say it was necessary. To be honest they were not what I was expecting to be buying today and I cannot say that I absolutely love them and have always wanted to run in them.  However, of all the choices and shoes available to me that I have been able to actually try on lately, they seemed to be the right one for now.

Asics Gel Blue 33

I have run in Asics before and while they were not what I was originally looking for, I think that they will be what I need as a nice compliment to the MT20s when I get done with that transition. A blend of the old style running shoe and the new minimal running shoes.

First Impressions

They are comfortable shoes, that look like they will take a pretty good beating and still keep on going, with me that is part of the deal and one of the reasons why I chose them – I am fairly tough on shoes. They fit well and are a bit more cushioned than I would have expected and are a nice looking running shoe. They are not a minimalist or in my mind a transitional shoe, they are more of a regular lightweight trainer, that would have been better received a couple of years ago. I did have to chuckle though, the size 8 Blurs are longer than the 8.5 MT20s – definitely a different style.

First Run

It really didn’t take very long to get used the shoes, trying to figure out the foot plant needed for these shoes and I felt very comfortable once I found the shoe’s sweet spot for running with more of a forefoot strike. However, in my opinion they are not designed to promote forefoot strike. They will let you find it easily, but also allow you to revert to a heel strike very easily. Which is something that on my longer runs, I already know that I do as I get tired.

Asics Blur 33 right before first run

The best part was that I didn’t feel any discomfort/pain in the left calf – just a little tightness, which is okay I expected that.

I found the Blurs are very comfortable to run in and while I don’t think that they were designed to promote forefoot strike, I was able to run with mostly a forefoot strike for most of miles 2 and 3 (at least I thought so). I really believe that they will be a better shoe to run in for my longer runs or for the gravel road down-back – they offer more protection than the MT20s will.

My Splits for this run


My first impression the Asics Blur 33 was very positive. They were light, responsive and let me run as fast as I wanted to. It will be interesting to see how they do on my first longer run, when I start to get tired.

Still Disappointed

Yet I am still very disappointed that I didn’t get to at least try the other shoes in my top 5 list, besides the Kinvara – oh well next time. This is just something that I have to get over and maybe I am in the Asics Blur 33s for a reason.

I am hopefully going to grow to love these shoes, once I get running in them, because they are very nice lightweight trainers. I just need to get over my disappointment and get back to just running.


One thing I noticed today is that I ran the same course as yesterday and yet the 3.0 mile mark was about 100 yards before where I stopped yesterday. I know that Civilian GPS is purposely off by a certain amount, but it gets a little frustrating, when it is off by that much on the same run as the day before. Just something you gotta live with.

One thing is for sure – that it felt good to be running again!  Now to get my mileage back up to where it was and for now that mean that I will get to know the Asics Blur 33s very well :-).


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