My Very Tentative Race Schedule for 2012

Flag-map of Maine

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Over the course of the last month, I have tried to put together a race schedule calendar for races in Maine this year. While the calendar is not completely finished and I know that it doesn’t have all the races, it has enough of them that I feel that I can reasonably see what ones I would like to do.

My criteria were:

  • Local – Keep it local races within 20 miles got preference if they fell on the same day.
  • Cost – I can’t afford to race all that often, I stayed more with the 5K distances which are cheaper
  • Distance – nothing more than a 1/2 marathon
  • No big races
I have it narrowed down to the races listed below Continue reading

Warm Weather Running in February – Nice!

I can’t believe the weather, mid 40’s bright sunshine and it is the middle of February, today felt more like mid to late March, but I will take it. Hell I even ran in short and a couple of layers on top. Had my gloves and ball cap on though. Always wear gloves when it is under 50º.

I had a really tough time finding my stride and maintaining it today. I would get it for a minute or so and then lose it again. There was no consistency to the run at all. Continue reading