Warm Weather Running in February – Nice!

I can’t believe the weather, mid 40’s bright sunshine and it is the middle of February, today felt more like mid to late March, but I will take it. Hell I even ran in short and a couple of layers on top. Had my gloves and ball cap on though. Always wear gloves when it is under 50º.

I had a really tough time finding my stride and maintaining it today. I would get it for a minute or so and then lose it again. There was no consistency to the run at all.

My Splits for this run

Splits 2-16-12

Looking at my splits, they each got faster, but only because I was getting frustrated with not being able to find that stride that I found so easily yesterday, which caused me to push myself a little harder each mile, trying to find my stride. I just never felt “good” or comfortable the whole run.

Despite what the cadence says I wasn’t over striding, I was very consciously keeping the strides short and focusing on the mid-foot landings, maybe the app wasn’t recording correctly, I had it under my glove in my hand.  Maybe I just have to get more used to the higher heel height in the Blur33s, which does have a different feel than the Peregrines.  Rome wasn’t built in a day and I am not going to run amazingly, my first couple of runs in new shoes.

The good news is that there was no pain in my calf while running the 4.0 miles, so that was good.

Just one of those tough days, where my running never felt quite right. Tomorrow will be better 🙂

Transition to New Balance MT20s  – Day #6

I walked 30:00 minutes this morning with no problems, so after I ran tonight, I thought I would try a little run just to see how they felt. My calf told me to stop, so I listened and shut it down after about 50 yards. Whatever is going on in there definitely does not like the MT20s when I try to run in them. I was able to walk a mile without any problems right after that though, so not sure what is going on.

RunLog 2-17-12


2 comments on “Warm Weather Running in February – Nice!

    • I found once I got them home I had to make some minor adjustments, but once I get used to them, I hope they will be fine, still a little frustrated that no one in a 45 minute radius had any of the shoes I really wanted to try. Oh well, I can stop whining now and just run and be happy in what I have :-). Gotta be positive about it after all.

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