WOW – I am Impressed with the Saucony Kinvara – 2/19/12

Kinvara after the run 🙂

This is Day #2 in my Saucony Kinvara running shoes and I ran 6.0 miles in them with no shoe problems!!!!! I haven’t that far in a pair of shoes so soon, since I had a pair of Saucony Dixon back in the early 80’s – so call me impressed!

I did an out and back loop with the idea of going between 6 and 10, but that if my calf bothered or the shoes me at any time, I would simply turn around. I decided that 6 was enough and didn’t want to take any chances on how the calf would feel on a longer run. It felt good when I finished and did my cool down 1/2 mile walk, so I think I made the right choice.

The shoes felt great and I love them so far.

The Problems

The problems that I had were not related at all to my shoes, it was related to lose dogs, mud and hills.

I came across one dog that wanted to see what I tasted like until I turned around used “the voice” telling it to get home and charged it. It was a smaller mutt, so it turned tail and looked for easier prey. The second dog was with a horse and a local who was giving horseback riding lessons on the old mud road and just happened to have her Golden Retriever mix running loose, with her.

I had to ask her to hold the dog while I went by (yes I got the evil glare) and when I returned (damn out and back) she grabbed the dog and glared at me again. Hey lady, I have a right to run on the roads, as much as you have a right to lead your horse around, but you don’t have the right to not have your dog leashed – there is a leash law in town. Deal with it!

I have had problems with this person before and was bitten by one of her dogs while walking with TheWife a few years ago, so we do sort of have a “history”. She knows that if her dog goes after me again, I won’t be as nice as I was last time about it.  Maybe it is time to get some anti-dog spray, if people are going to let their dogs run loose again – which really sucks, but seems the way it is.

Splits for the run

Unfortunately the frost is coming out of the ground – you heard that right, frost is coming out and it is only Feb 19th, it was a muddy mess and I baptized my brandy-spanky new white shoes :-), No longer quite so white. TheWife said “You ruined them!” I just said “No, I am breaking them in right.” hehhehee

The mud did slow me down, especially going back up the hills, I just did the best I could and enjoyed the sun and the mud :-). I didn’t want to slip and re-injure anything, so just went slow. Other than the problems, I had a very good run, I felt comfortable and it was just a nice long run.

Kinvaras after the mud dried - not that pristine white 🙂

The brook starting to open up on Feb 19th - earliest I've seen it happen

Bennie and his stick - looks like he has a cigar 😉 This was from this morning, you can see the mud a little-it got worse

Over all it was a very good day and a great run, even though my times would have been about a minute better without the dog problems slowing me down – just part of running out in the country sometimes.

RunLog 2-19-12


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