Colder and Windier than it Looked – 2/20/12

It looked a whole lot nicer from inside the window, than it did when I got outside. It was bright sunshine and what looked like a nice breeze to dry the ground a little. However, when I got down to the road it was mid 30’s with a 10-15 mph wind straight out of the north – i.e. cold. But I was supposed to do an easy 3.0 and work on cadence up on top, so the weather wasn’t a big deal, the roads were all clear, I just had to run against the wind 4 times :-).

My GPS App took almost 200 yards to pick up a signal, I wonder if that has a lot to do with the major difference in distance at what was a 3.1 the other day, being 2.88 today, I added the extra on at the end to have 3.0.

Splits 2-20-12

The cadence part started out really well, I was following the beat of the metronome, until my App announced the 1.0 mile mark and stopped the metronome and didn’t tell me anymore splits. So I am pretty happy with my cadence that I maintained it fairly close to 90 without a metronome – making progress.

The run was easy and I felt good after yesterday’s 6.0 miles. The Saucony Kinvara are breaking in nicely and feeling more comfortable every time I wear them.  I guess I can put my shoe pocket on them now :-).

On my cool-down 1/2 mile walk, I stopped and talked with a neighbor, who told me that their Chow was attacked by Coyotes in January and had been injured so badly that they had to put her down. Pretty sobering thoughts, especially for my 6:30 P.M. Bennie walks in the dark, really thinking about some anti-critter spray now. Probably will get some at the local hunting store this week.

RunLog 2-20-12


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