Starting New Training Plan – 2-22-12

Today’s run was just a recovery run and I was supposed to run for 30:00 minutes as part of my new training plan. Unfortunately, I screwed up on the iPhone MiCoach App somehow or another and paused it when I put it in my carry pouch and switched to a different program, which on an old 3G doesn’t work well. šŸ™‚ So I don’t know how far I actually ran, but it was 4 Philbrick laps plus another quarter, so it was at least 3.3 miles. Oh well.

I am trying the Marathon training plan and will probably cut the long runs short if I need to, but it seemed like the plan that was about what I was wanting to do. I may not follow everything exactly, but it gives me a better idea of where I am going, than what I had before. I also had to go clean up my spreadsheet to account for the “leap year” this month, not completely finished, but close enough until I get a little more time.

I felt good on the run, but it was tough to stay in the “green” zone on the training plan, it just felt super fast today. My score was only a 71, I want to get at least in the 80s or higher for each workout. I also re-did the assessment workout and I know that I wasn’t as fast as last time, when I was trying to go as fast as I could most of the assessment instead of following directions – me have a problem with that ha :-).

So I should have a more realistic green zone for my present level conditioning.

I am trying to figure out a way to carry my iPhone once I don’t have to wear a jacket and pants (that have pockets) and I hate the armband. I have modified an old athletic belt and a couple of my backpacking pouches for now. Eventually I will need get a water bottle holder belt with a pocket made in it. But for now this should work as a temporary solution.

My splits were (and the first mile didn’t start until after I came back down the speed hill)

1.0 – 8:22

2.0 – 8:43

2.92 – 14:17

I was probably around an 8:30 pace, but with the mistake I made I won’t know for sure, one thing I have to do is become more consistent with my pacing.

Pace Chart 2-22-12

RunLog 2-22-12


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