New Attitude and Yes I Enjoyed my Run – 2-24-12

Today is the first day of the rest of my running life. Yes I say that almost every day, but today it has a little more meaning. I made some decisions last night and this morning about what I was doing with my running and how I was beginning to feel about it. See my post on Is Running becoming too much like work for more info on what I am talking about.

I went into today’s semi-long run with a different attitude and wasn’t really all that worried about my time, and just went more on effort level and really listened to my body. It felt good. The mud and the hills on the way back kicked my butt bad, but that was okay, I expected that once I saw the road down-back. Overall, it was a good run and I was happy how I felt during and after the run.

Once I got the my first pass of the muddy road and hit the Tiffany Road, I really focused on form and how it felt when I was running comfortably with a slight lean. I still can’t run too far with much of a lean because it causes that my left calf to tighten a little too much.

I still don’t think that the GPS really is all that accurate, but it gives you sort of an idea of how far you run, but the App I am using, isn’t catching the GPS signal very quickly at the run’s start and seems to lose it a lot when I am running, going to have to figure that one out.

* *

If you look at the right side you will see that I ran for 50:09 and did 5.41 miles according to the iSmoothRun App. However when I posted it to RunKeeper, it only gave me credit for 48:50 and 5.29 miles – not a big difference, but still it should post as the same data.  Weird, but the way it turned out.

Pace-Elevation Chart 2-24-12

Looking at the Pace vs Elevation, I think that I held a very steady pace and am happy with it, you can see that I slowed down a lot on the hill, but that hill always gets me and today the mud didn’t help at all.

This was also my normal Notta Road O/B which I have always considered to be my 5.0 mile course (measured by 3 different vehicles) and I finished that in 44:54. Which seems about right for the pace that I was supposed to be running.

So to be honest I don’t know how far I am running anymore and you know something as irksome as I find this, it really isn’t a big  deal now that I am running more for time than mileage for a while.  But still it would be nice to have a fairly accurate idea of how far I am running and have it be consistent from run to run.

I guess even with all this technology available to me, that this is why I just keep my primary running log in an old-fashioned spread sheet ;-). Unfortunately, it doesn’t have all the pace/elevation charts that I like so much :-).

RunLog 2-24-12


12 comments on “New Attitude and Yes I Enjoyed my Run – 2-24-12

  1. Ah, good run young Grasshopper! You are learning the wisdom of running…just watch out for skunks…
    Seriously Harold, that’s a great run for distance and pace! It’s amazing what we can do when we go by feel and not worry about what pace we’re doing.

    • Thanks Sensei oops Eric ;-). I actually had fun with this run, and while I like having the GPS tell me the time/distance on the mile marks, but like any other tool, I just need to use them instead of them using me.
      I have to remember who I am and what kind of runner that I have become as I get older. Those days of training at a 7:00 minute pace or less, day in day out are well behind me and I have to keep my feet well planted in reality, which is hard to do sometimes. I am going to keep having fun and not get too overly concerned with a super sophisticated training regimen. Trying to keep it low-key and fun 🙂

  2. You seem to keep much better pacing than I can: I’ve used RunKeeper on my phone for almost a year now. It has been “ok” although on Mrs. Smiddy’s phone, the first quarter mile is jacked up, showing she is doing under 3 minute miles, which there is no way. But after that quarter mile it seems to work somewhat accurately. The best you can hope for with any commercial grade GPS is many meters of error, unlike military grade GPS, like on an LN-251or the like. The only way to know for certain is the use a wheel and measure it by hand, and then you’ll have to figure a way to determine all the grade differences to some granularity that is reasonable. That’s a lot of work…my phone will be my RunKeeper for the foreseeable future. I had considered a Garmin, but since I already have a phone with the capability, why pay more?

    I’m glad Veteran Runnah found his groove today though! 🙂

    • I will probably use a combo of iSmoothRun and Runtastic (which has a camera app built into the phone), which I consider important to enjoying a training run – being able to “document” the run. I just have an old iPhone 3G that is not connected to a carrier, so it is simply a small handheld computer now. I will continue to have my groove as long as I don’t try to be something I am not ;-).

  3. If you are interested in learning some more info on GPS accuracy and measurement, I’d recommend reading Ray’s post here: You’ll note that the phone apps are the least accurate of any measuring device, so take anything you are getting from those with a grain of salt. GPS is only accurate (in an ideal satellite locked on state) to about 5 meters, but often times if you look deeper into the connection statistics of the file, you might see it worse than that. Phone apps are not nearly as fine tuned as some of the GPS watches, which self-correct most of those types of errors.

    • The phone apps just give an approximation of how far, most civilian GPS is within 40-100 yards over a mile according to what I have learned – for several reasons. The only thing I would like to see from the phone apps is consistency, if it is an error reading, have it be a consistent error 😉 – won’t happen though just the nature of the beast. Unfortunately, while getting a GPS watch would be ideal, probably won’t happen, not high enough on the priority list, too many other things come before a luxury item like that. Thanks for the info

  4. It depends on the chip set in the device, but when locked in from, for example, a Garmin GPS watch vs a phone, you can get much closer. Yes, there are commercial grade GPS devices that are far more accurate, and we are about to have access to vastly improved satellites in the near future with a technology, but the issue with inconsistencies has more to do with the recording rate of the device itself and interference in the location in which you run. GPS watches can record at 1s intervals, whereas some devices are far less frequent. The less frequent the interval, the higher probability for deviation between waypoints than what was actually run. This is why you see inconsistencies – because you can run the same route (even out and back), but since the recording rate has a gap built in, you don’t get everything captured. I don’t know how it works on the apps you are using, but you may be able to make the recording rate as fast a 1s intervals, which would greatly improve any readings you’d get. A lot of them are set at 3-5s per interval, which as I’m sure you can imagine, would create a ton of variance. If you are able to pull the .gpx files from the app and import it into something like SportTracks, there are import plug-ins that will auto-correct all the waypoints and readings to be in line with USGS standards. After downloading my Garmin data, I import it into SportTracks, because it will do these corrections (including elevation), so I eliminate that variable. Certainly makes a difference 🙂

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