A Different Kind of Workout

I finally got back to running well last week, however, when a winter snow storm comes and leaves 7-9 inches in the drive way, you just have to clean it up.

* *

To turn this heavy/wet snow into


you need to use either

Snow Scoop or Snow Blower

Now my preference is definitely the snowblower, all I have to do is walk behind it most of the time and muscle it into place here and there. The great thing is that it does all the heavy work for me and usually only takes just over an hour to clean-up the yard. One problem with this one – that thing hanging off the left handle is the drive belt for the impeller to throw snow – no it doesn’t belong there and yes it is definitely broke :(.

That meant I had to use the other alternative to make the driveway passable – my handy-dandy snow scoop. No motor, completely human-powered – in other words a great piece of workout equipment. You get to do mini sprints, come to sudden stops then lift 25-40 pounds countless times over a 3 hour period. Your heart rate will definitely rise and you will sweat like a stuck pig.

However, there is a risk factor involved, you are probably using muscles that you are not used to using and definitely will be sore the next day.

Also that short speed work that you are doing during this workout is sustained over a longer period than most of us are used to and probably not like anything fitness enthusiasts have done very often.  I found that those little 4-5 yard wind sprints, while pushing heavy wet snow, then emptying the scoop, can cause you to be out of breath with a very elevated heart rate in a very short amount of time.

The best part is even when this happens you have to keep going, until the yard is appropriately cleared – you have to go beyond your normal levels of exertion and break on to the other side.

The worst part of this workout is that it is very easy to strain a muscle, because you are pushing your body so hard, in ways you didn’t think possible. About half-way through this workout – when starting one of those mini sprints I definitely did something to my left hamstring. Last night and today it is sore and tender, but there isn’t any bruising, so it is just a strain.

But it does mean that I am on the shelf as far as running goes for a few days until the soreness is gone. The worst part is that I was just starting to run fairly good again. Ah well, sometimes life gets in the way of running and stuff happens, while you are working around the house.

However, for all of you fitness junkies out there who really want to do a great functional workout, the next snow storm we get, come on over to the Shaw Driveway gym and I will introduce you to my hottest new fitness fad – the snow scoop workout. It is a combination of cardio and weight training and I guarantee that after doing it for 3 hours, you will definitely know that you had a GREAT workout!

Am I sore after this workout?

Damn right I am sore all over today ;-). Was a great workout except for the hammie strain.


15 comments on “A Different Kind of Workout

    • I will, but definitely taking snow blower into get it repaired – hope to get it back before next storm, don’t really want to repeat this workout very often 😉

  1. Love it! Though I’ll go with the snow blower every time. I do scrape off anything left with the shovel to get a little workout. But on the sidewalks, you sometimes get stopped when shoveling fast aw (the aw was from my cat, Kona- he says hi) by the cracks in the walk. That can hurt.

    • The sudden stops are the old sides of the driveway and they are now ice, so when the scoop hits it, there is a sudden cessation of forward movement and you abs hit the snow scoop handle, ab workout too, like having a medicine ball dropped on your stomach while doing crunches – man I hurt all over today. Running sure doesn’t prepare you to do 300 yards of 7-9 inches of wet, heavy snow by snow scoop. But I will live and get over it – makes me stronger and was a heckuva work out. 🙂

    • I’ve been sitting on the heating pad most of the afternoon and just took Bennie for a walk and it felt a lot better, probably try to run 1-2 miles tomorrow to see how it feels, but going to go slow 🙂

  2. Yuck! I hope you heal quickly. By the way, I only shoveled the three steps leading to my house and shoveled the chickens out. The driveway is a mess and I could care less. I heard we’re getting another storm on Wednesday. Grrrrrr……after the week of beautiful sunny 50F weather, now we’re back to winter.

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