Surprise Run Today 2-27-12

Saucony Kinvara - Loving them so far!

I was able to run today – although it was slow, it was still running and I feel really great about it!!!!!

My cranky hamstring was feeling pretty good after a day of mostly sitting on the heating pad and another full night of rest.

I have done 100 ups before most of my runs over the last month and decided that if I could do 200 that I would try a short and slow run.  I did the 200 up without any problems – no pain and just a little discomfort. So I figured that trying an easy run would be worth it.

When I started out, I was still pretty sore and stiff from the other day (for me it is usually the second day after that bothers the most), so it took almost a mile to work the kinks out and establish a good pace.  The hammie only let me know it was around, when I tried to run a little faster, but as long as I stayed around 9:30 to 10:00 minute pace, it felt fine.

Runtastic Pace/Elevation Chart 2-27-12

Everything was feeling pretty good, so I just kept running slow and when I got to 4.0 miles,  it felt like that was far enough. No pain, just a little discomfort at the start or if I started to increase the pace or cadence, it let me know to back off and as long as I did I was able to keep running :-). Could I have gone further – no problem – but there was no sense in pushing a strain if you don’t have to.

I was  very surprised that I was able to do this much today, I figured that I would be lucky to get a mile in. Now to see how it feels later today :-).

I wanted to get out there and run today – It just felt good and I enjoyed it 🙂

I also went back to trying out the iPhone App that I have had the most luck with over the course of having my iPhone – Runtastic. It worked well and gives me the data for these posts that I want, but I still will keep my spreadsheet as my primary log – I might have to manually enter the data, but the data that is in there is correct (as far as I know) and it doesn’t matter which app I am using. Plus if I want to change a goal or how I view/enter different data, I just have to manipulate the spreadsheet and not rely on someone else or find out that “I can’t do it”.

RunLog 2-27-12

It doesn’t look like I will get 100 miles this month, but still on pace to get that 1,200 for the year. 🙂


2 comments on “Surprise Run Today 2-27-12

    • I think sometimes that I enjoy the search for the new shoes, almost as much as running in them. I love the challenge of finding the ones that are right for me, but now I have to be much more careful about it, limited income does that to ya ;-). The old 6 hours of heating pad yesterday and another total of 6 today & tonight are giving me hope for a long one on Wednesday.

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