Middle Road Loop Plus 2-29-12

Blake Road 2-29-12

When I ran this morning it said 27º with a little breeze from the west, not too cold and the sun was shining. Which is something that we will be lacking for the next few day (probably Sunday before we really see it again), we have a pretty good storm heading our way and dependent upon where the snow line finally snaps, we could get any where from 3-12. Personally I am rather hoping for the 3 – I am ready for spring and running in shorts and a t-shirt again.  So tomorrow March will come in like a lion – the question will be – does it go out like a lamb?

Today’s run again was actually pretty good once I settled into a nice pace, but once I hit the Blake road, at just under 3.2 or so, the footing got rather slick, which just caused me to slow down a little more. None of the hills bothered my hamstring very much and I picked up the pace pretty well on the last mile – compared to what I had run before that. I have a feeling that I will be running slower than normal for another week or so, but by gum I am running, so I am happy still. 

I made 100 miles for February – I actually didn’t think that I would do it on Saturday, when I strained my hamstring, but feeling better, unless the dog sits in my lap in my computer chair – oh well the things we suffer through for our pets :-).

Pace/Mileage Chart 2-29-12

Mile 5.0 was the toughest part of the course, there are two pretty good hills and where the trucks/cars had driven on Quaker Rd, there was a lot of white ice, so I just focused on my form and plugged along, this hill just comes at the wrong point in the run ;-).

Stevens Hill 2-29-12

You will have to excuse the picture, I was still running and took the photo with my iPhone :-).

Below is my runlog for the day:

RunLog 2-29-12


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