Pictures From Last Night’s Snow Storm 2-25-12

Last night we had a quick snow storm blow through and here are some images from the storm. No they don’t have a lot to do with running, but the snow will definitely be part of my workout routine today ;-).

Trees in the Yard

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New Attitude and Yes I Enjoyed my Run – 2-24-12

Today is the first day of the rest of my running life. Yes I say that almost every day, but today it has a little more meaning. I made some decisions last night and this morning about what I was doing with my running and how I was beginning to feel about it. See my post on Is Running becoming too much like work for more info on what I am talking about.

I went into today’s semi-long run with a different attitude and wasn’t really all that worried about my time, and just went more on effort level and really listened to my body. It felt good. The mud and the hills on the way back kicked my butt bad, but that was okay, I expected that once I saw the road down-back. Overall, it was a good run and I was happy how I felt during and after the run.

Once I got the my first pass of the muddy road and hit the Tiffany Road, I really focused on form and how it felt when I was running comfortably with a slight lean. I still can’t run too far with much of a lean because it causes that my left calf to tighten a little too much.

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Is Running Becoming too much like Work?

In the sidebar for “A Veteran Runnah” is my quick what is this blog about. I wrote these words for several reasons, but one important one was to remind me of what running and blogging are supposed to be:

Over the past month or so, I started to lose sight of this and during yesterday’s run, I realized that I wasn’t having fun on my run, in fact it was becoming a lot like work. Continue reading

Running up the Bitch Again

I drove up to see dad today and by the time I got back I was ready for a good run. It is an hour up and back and I am getting so that I don’t really like driving all that much any more. No problems, I just would rather be doing something else other than sitting in a car for that amount of time.

I was due for a 35:00 minute workout according to MiCoach and my thoughts were that it was time again to work on my nemesis hill.

Today I ran the “Bitch” and yep it is still a bitch for me run all of the way to the top of, but it is a great training hill, for both downhill and uphill running. Continue reading

Starting New Training Plan – 2-22-12

Today’s run was just a recovery run and I was supposed to run for 30:00 minutes as part of my new training plan. Unfortunately, I screwed up on the iPhone MiCoach App somehow or another and paused it when I put it in my carry pouch and switched to a different program, which on an old 3G doesn’t work well. 🙂 So I don’t know how far I actually ran, but it was 4 Philbrick laps plus another quarter, so it was at least 3.3 miles. Oh well.

I am trying the Marathon training plan and will probably cut the long runs short if I need to, but it seemed like the plan that was about what I was wanting to do. I may not follow everything exactly, but it gives me a better idea of where I am going, than what I had before. I also had to go clean up my spreadsheet to account for the “leap year” this month, not completely finished, but close enough until I get a little more time. Continue reading

What is Good Running Form?

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What is good running form?

That is a question that has both bothered me (and a lot of other people) for a while now. I am interested for selfish reasons – to my way of thinking if you have good running form, you should be able to:

  • run faster
  • be more injury free
  • enjoy running more

However, I haven’t really worried about my running form for years and mostly just went out the door or stepped on the treadmill and ran.

Unfortunately, over the past 10 or so years, running became more and more of a chore – it might have something to do with being older, but it seemed like it was more than that. When you disregard my major non-running related injuries, I was almost always nicked up in some way or another (my knees, hips, back or ankles always seemed to be hurt or ache) and it was rather uncomfortable for me to run further than 5-6 miles at a time or over 30 miles a week. Continue reading

9 Miles – Tired and Happy – 2-21-12

What a great run today! The Saucony Kinvara 2s felt fantastic and actually after about the first half mile, I stopped worrying about them and just ran.

It was nice to just be able to run, without having to think about what I am doing or worry about re-aggravating my calf strain. I took a chance this morning and decided to run 8.0 on the rail trail in Augusta, while TheWife walked 3 miles with the Beener. I figured with an out and back course if my leg or the shoes started to bother me that it would be easier to just turn around and come back.

I also started a new “canned” training program in MiCoach, I am not a big fan of canned programs, but this one is not the same as others I have tried before. I usually prefer running for a certain distance and this program is based on the amount of time spent running. I will try it for a while to see how it works for me – something different may be what I need, there is nothing saying that I have to do exactly what it says. Continue reading

Questions about Brands being Loyal to Runners

P question

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Yesterday I did a post on Brand Loyalty in Running and Eric alias “Running Moose” said in his comment: “Now if I can get them to be loyal to me…”

It got me to thinking – I know a bad thing sometimes, but not this time.

This is a pretty broad statement and yet I have heard this same sentiment from many runners and even myself over the years – that brands/companies are not very loyal to their loyal customers.

I want to ask other runners opinions on this topic, before I go off and spout my opinions and theories about brands being loyal to their customers.


  1. What is your definition of loyalty to a customer?
  2. In your opinion what do brands do now to show loyalty to their customers?
  3. What could brands do differently to show more loyalty to their customers?
  4. How could brands use Social Media to create better brand loyalty by customers?
  5. What do you personally expect in return for being loyal to a brand?

If you could respond to the questions in the comments section below, I will put together a post with the results after Friday.

No I am not doing this as a study for any of the brands, this is something that I am just doing.

Colder and Windier than it Looked – 2/20/12

It looked a whole lot nicer from inside the window, than it did when I got outside. It was bright sunshine and what looked like a nice breeze to dry the ground a little. However, when I got down to the road it was mid 30’s with a 10-15 mph wind straight out of the north – i.e. cold. But I was supposed to do an easy 3.0 and work on cadence up on top, so the weather wasn’t a big deal, the roads were all clear, I just had to run against the wind 4 times :-).

My GPS App took almost 200 yards to pick up a signal, I wonder if that has a lot to do with the major difference in distance at what was a 3.1 the other day, being 2.88 today, I added the extra on at the end to have 3.0. Continue reading