Today Was A Chafe Run = It Sucked 3-30-12

Yep the title says it all.

I couldn’t find my Ruez underwear for this longer run, so I wore a pair of old Shorts with a compression liner. I got them back in 2004 and they have served me well – well until today :-(.

Today was just a hard run for me, it started later than I like to run, didn’t get running until after 3:30 P.M and had had a busy day around the house, so I was a little tired to start. The the wind was blowing about 15MPH out of the north, so the first 3 or miles were pretty much run with it either in my face or just off my shoulder – just enough to wear you down even more. Continue reading


Winter’s Last Gasp?

As you can see it snowed today, it really wasn’t all that much, just an inch or two, but you know something I am getting sick of the white stuff. After last week’s taste of summer, I am ready for snow to be gone or at least not where I am.

So I am hoping that this was winter’s last gasp (even though I have a feeling Mother Nature will let it out of her cage a couple of more times to remind us of who is boss :-). Continue reading

Ran 7.0 in the Newtons 3-28-12

#proof #fitfluential #runninglog

Today I ran my first longer run in the Newton Gravity and they did GREAT!

We woke up to a coating of snow on the ground – nothing serious, but it was white outside. To be honest I am just ready for it to be gone and get back to having 50-60 degree days in the sun. It was one of the crazy mixed up days weather-wise, it was cloudy and overcast, in the low 30s, then it rained a little, turned sleet, then ice pellets, a bit of hail and then some snow shower activity.  Continue reading

Starting to Look Again & Felt Tired :-)

Splits 3-27-12

Today was an extremely busy day!

I went to Veteran’s Administration to start learning how to navigate through its system. I was extremely impressed with the level of service, professionalism and courtesy, I was shown throughout my time over at Togus.

After that I went to the Maine Career Center in Augusta. The Veteran’s Counselor had a great suggestion for me, but I have to hustle, the deadline for applying for this position is the 29th and surprise I have decided to apply. Wish me luck.

I like retirement a lot, but with costs rising like they are, the budget is getting tighter than is comfortable. We are not in desperate straits or anything, so I can and will be a picky about what I decide to do, plus everyone tells me I am too young to be “retired”. 😉

So what does all of that have to do with running?

Running helps relieve stress and I needed to unwind a little after working on my résumé, calling people for references and putting a lot of my work history online into a job database. I was ready for the run, when I changed out. Continue reading

Finally Ran 13.1 for Base Time – 3-26-12

What a difference a week makes, last week I was running in shorts and t-shirt, today it was in winter mode again. 2 shirts, Jacket, wind pants, ear band, gloves along with wearing the hydration pack.

When I left the house it said 34F degrees, not too bad, but still chilly, but with a pretty good wind chill, it was cold enough that I hit a couple of snow squalls, which was pretty weird. After the run, when we came back up through the main drag in Augusta, it said 26 degrees with 20-30 mph winds straight out of the north.

That wind chill was cold and I didn’t realize how chilled I had gotten, until we got home. I just couldn’t seem to get warm, finally after lunch I had to sit in my easy chair with Bennie (dog) and Joey (cat) in my lap, a heating pad set to high and an hour nap to get rid of the chill that I had gotten.

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-26-12

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AVR – Running Week in Review 3-25-12

Most of the week was way of above average temps 80s in March, in Maine – I never have heard of it being this hot before and with the number of records set this week, neither had anyone else. I will not lie, I did enjoy the hot weather when I wasn’t running, but during the runs it was a little miserable. It was a great week, but I know that I am tired.

Running Summary This Week

RunLog Week of 3/25/12

Weekly Summary 3-25-12

40 miles this week and over 120 for March, this has been a great month so for as far running goes. Also that Friday’s weight meant a lot to me – it has been a super long time since I broke the 160 barrier.

Miles walked this week:  21.1  Continue reading

An Easy but Rainy 2.0 Mile Run 3-25-12

Sundays are usually my rest day, were I don’t do a lot more than my Bennie walks. However, I couldn’t resist getting out in the rain and running the 2.0 miles I needed to go over 40.0 miles for the week for the first time in forever.

Yes I did make the 2.0 miles and yes I went over 40.0 miles for the week! It was cold and raw in the rain, but I purposely just kept it slow and didn’t try to speed up at all during the run.

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-25-12

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-25-12

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Great Day to Run – 3-24-12

This afternoon was about as perfect a day as we get up “heah” in Maine for running. Mid 50’s a slight breeze out of the north, the mud was passable, meant that I really wanted to run further than a couple today, even though I ran a tough 10.0 yesterday.

I ran down to the town office and back then I added on another mile up on top, just because I was feeling so good. Heck I even picked up my pace a lot at the end. All in all it was a very satisfying run.

All but the GPS program I was using screwed up royally after I finished. Didn’t save any of the data correctly and I lost my actual time/distance for the run. So I just went ahead measured it, using an online mapping program and came out to 4.62, I think it is a little further than that, but this is the distance I got, so it was close enough. Continue reading

Crashing Through a Major Barrier

I finally did something that I haven’t done since probably 1992 and it is a great feeling – I weighed in at 159!

The 160 pound barrier was a huge psychological barrier for me and I have finally broken through it.

This also means I am officially not overweight anymore (well at least until I gain that damn pound back – I usually fluctuate 1-3 pounds over the course of a week), but for the first time in a long time

I was in the normal weight range.

and I plan to be under that weight more and more over the coming weeks.

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Surprise 10 and a Tough 10.0 Mile Run 3-23-12

I really wasn’t planning on going this far today, I like to do something around 8.0 and not too tough a course on Fridays. Instead I decided to go around the River Road, which turned out to be exactly 10.0 miles according to the GPS. I did some experimenting today to see how things would work.

1. Ran again with hydration pack, I do think that I run slower with it on, but it carries everything that I want to carry comfortably, so it is a trade-off that I think is worth it on longer training and definitely on trail runs.

2. Didn’t run in my compression Tommie Copper calf sleeves. They do make a difference, my legs are toast tonight and when I wear them, I really do not feel nearly this bad. Note to self – runs longer than 6.0 miles wear the compression sleeves. Disclaimer Tommie Copper provided these calve sleeves at no cost for a previous review of their product.

3. Didn’t bring any energy gels. They do make a difference on runs over 6.0 miles. I really started to bonk after the 1 hour mark as you can see by my time dipping so much after that point. The hills might have had something to do with it too.

I wanted to stay in the 9:00 minute range for the run tonight, however, I ended up being a lot closer to 10:00 minutes. When looking at the above chart, I can see why I was getting so freaking tired over the course of the last part of the run. I haven’t run hills like this for a long time and they got me pretty good at the end. The hill at the 1:10 mark just about killed me, but I didn’t walk at all during the run.

This is going to be a good course to check my fitness levels and hopefully next time I don’t have to run into a 20-25 mph headwind going up the Lyons Road (where I really started to drop my time.

THE GREAT NEWS this morning was that I cracked the 160 barrier and weighed in at 159. I haven’t weighed this little since before 1990, so it has been a long time. You know something I am pretty damn excited about this. I know that I will probably bounce back over 160 tomorrow, but I am definitely heading in the right direction and only have 4 more pounds to reach my first goal weight.

I know that I am definitely toast tonight and my body is done.  The homemade Pepperoni, green pepper and garlic pizza tasted fantastic, along with the glass of Merlot that went down way too easily. No I am sitting with Bennie in my lap, having a cup of green tea and a chocolate chip whoppie pie. A great way to relax, now to turn on the TV and watch some more of March Madness 🙂

RunLog 3-23-12

If I really wanted to work hard, I could get 40 miles this week – will have to think about it :-).