Running in Snow & Pictures Again 3-1-12

The weather forecasters were right on this one, only it took a little longer to start this morning than they said last night. It is still snowing really hard and we had 7 inches when I finished running over an hour ago, so it is piling up pretty quickly out there.

I was a little disappointed with the town plow crew today, they still haven’t come by to plow our road before I went for my run, which they usually do for me (yeah right – I usually wait for them to go by), which really made the run a lot slower, than usual, but I am happy that I got out there and ran :-). Everything felt fine (the hamstring doesn’t like running in snow, but didn’t complain too much). The worst part was my glasses really fogged up a lot.

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-1-12

The footing and amount of snow made it so that I just slogged through this run, it was a tough one felt like running in deep sand that was slippery.

Looking up the road while running

Up the road a little ways

Looking up my Hill workout area - would not want to do hills today 🙂

Bennie Bean just before my run 🙂

A picture of down back that I like from our walk earlier

It wasn’t all that bad, just slow going, part of living up “heah” in Maine.

RunLog 3/1/12

By the way the plow still hasn’t come through so it would be a lot worse now – this is unusual for them this year, they normally have been by a couple of times.


7 comments on “Running in Snow & Pictures Again 3-1-12

  1. I am so inspired by runners (clearly I am not one!). You guys are never fazed by the weather! I live in the Pacific Northwest and (thankfully) don’t see snow very often, but I would be inclined to skip my run in weather like that!

    Congrats on not bailing!

  2. Great post…I am sure I repeating something that your wife has already said to you today but DO NOT clear the snow from your drive way and if you do BE CAREFUL 🙂 Great pics as usual.

    • She tells me lots of things – but sometimes you just have to get things done 🙂 Snowblower worked great, it makes a big difference when the belts are all in good shape 🙂

  3. Mr. VR, I can say I don’t miss those winters in New Hampshire. At that time I wasn’t a runner either, so maybe I would have had a change in attitude had I been when I lived there.

    Do you have a treadmill? I spend a lot of time on our treadmill, since I still have young children at home I have to “on call” and sometimes it is best to go to the basement and get a few in (like today).

    • Aaron – Nope no treadmill or gym membership, if I am going to run, need to do it in whatever the weather is. Only didn’t go once this winter due to weather and that was freezing rain/ice on the roads. I am lucky our kids are all grown (except for our Jack Russell Terrier – who thinks he is human and doesn’t like the crate). I really don’t know if I would use the treadmill or not – I used it a lot in past and I just like running outside better, but it does have serve its purpose of getting a workout in.

      Thanks Harold

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