Snowy Run down-back=tough run 3-2-12

The day after digging out from the big storm, which meant that I got to move snow only this time with the snow blower, instead of the snow scoop – It was a hell of a lot (helluva) easier and faster than the scoop. The hamstring sqawked a couple of times, but not too bad while moving snow, so it is definitely getting better!

The bad news is that the Saucony Kinvara 2s are most definitely not made for running in snow and are great on dry roads. I ran down-back this afternoon and while I made it through, it was definitely tough running in the snow with them for those 2.0 miles. The going out wasn’t too bad, it was downhill and I was fresh, coming back tired and uphill was a lot tougher with the poor traction.

Down-back 3-2-12

Down-back 3-2-12

Down-back 3-2-12

Looked pretty but was very tough to run on!

Pace/Elevation chart 3/2/12

You can see that even though I was going down hill most of the first half that I was running slowly, I didn’t push to hard and was being very conservative with all the snow removal I have done and wanted to make sure that the hammie was doing okay. After I turned around, I decided to try to pick up the past a little, to see if the leg would hold up. It did just fine and didn’t bother any. So when on dry ground, I will start picking up my pace a little more. You can definitely see when I hit the snow again, the footing really slowed me down and the hills didn’t help too much either :-). Β Just part of living in Maine – the hills and running on snow.

I like the Kinvaras a lot, as long as I stay away from snow and mud in them, I think they will be great shoes, but definitely need to stay on the non snow-covered roads with them :-).

RunLog 3-2-12


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