Recovery Run from Yesterday 3-3-12

Today was a recovery run after yesterday’s long run. My legs are tired after running 2.0 miles in the snow down-back and almost 7.0 total. I just worked on my form and did a little speed play after I got warmed up.

I just wanted to see how I felt, if I picked up the pace more than I have been able to lately.  The best part was that my Hamstring didn’t hurt or bother me. Maybe next week I will be able to start picking up my pace a little more.

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-3-12

I am not sure what those big dips are in the pace, unless they are when I am turning around, but I felt pretty good throughout the run, especially once I got warmed up. I really didn’t push, except for those bumps in the pace and even then I wasn’t pushing very hard.

The rain stopped shortly after I got started and was in the mid-40’s, so it felt pretty good out there.

RunLog 3-3-12

I have actually got over 30 for the week :-). I would like to stay at 30 plus miles per week for the month of March, so I need to run pretty smart.


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