Great 8.0 Mile Run – 3-9-12

Where I stopped Bond Brook Road sign

I was whining to TheWife about how bad it is down-back, between the mud and the ice for my 6.0 mile run today, before she left to go shopping.

When she got back from grocery shopping TheWife offered to pick me up if I wanted to run into Augusta. I thought about it for a couple of seconds and said sounds good. About an hour after we ate lunch, I started running towards Augusta.

I told her that I would probably only get about 6.0 in by the time she picked me up, but that I was going to keep running until she caught up with me, using the same course as Monday.

I ran in shorts and three layers on top with gloves and never felt cold even though the temp was only around 38F with gusty winds. It felt good to be running with a lot less on and the road conditions were all clear. I did forget to put on my Tommie Copper calf sleeves – that I usually wear when I run over 5.0 miles and there was a difference in how my calves felt during the run (tighter).

Pace/Elevation Chart 3/9/12

Yes this is a mostly flat or downhill course, but there is a lot of traffic on it and the side of the road was pretty soft if I needed to move over to avoid getting hit by cars. You can see how often I met cars by steep down spikes in the pace graph. As soon as I hit the side, everything just slowed down – a lot, until I got back on the tar.

I really surprised myself and my wife with how far I got!!!! I ran until I got to Bond Brook Rd and stopped there. I didn’t want to fight traffic on that road and I had already gone 2.0 miles farther than I had planned. While I had plenty left in the tank and best of all, I hadn’t really pushed at all during the run. However, I the legs were starting to get tired and the left hammie was starting saying enough for today.

When I stopped at Bond Brook Rd, I figured that TheWife would be right behind me, surprisingly I had to wait another 10 minutes before she showed up and according to her she left at the time we agreed she would (she is very punctual).  By the way did I tell you how great my wife really is.

This was without a doubt the best I have run 8.0 miles in a long, long time and even more remarkable was that I still had something left at the end.

Now to work on losing that last 8 pounds to get down to my goals weight of 155. Gotta stop eating as much, I guess my supper tonight of Pizza, Ale and Whoopie Pie isn’t part of that equation. :-).

RunLog 3-9-12


2 comments on “Great 8.0 Mile Run – 3-9-12

  1. The things that stuck out for me (other than the wife pick-up!!) was the pace (8:32) for that distance AND that you said you didn’t feel you worked very hard! That’s totally awesome! Do you have a 10 miler coming up? I’d say you could hit under 1:25 and maybe 1:20! Awesomeness!!

    • Thanks Erik – I think that not having to fight snow, ice and wear a running jacket and pants helped make a big difference. I ran 10 last Monday in snow & crappy footing in 1:32+. Maybe working on changing my form is helping and starting to get better, I know that I am not nearly as sore as I used to be. I am trying to run further to get ready for a 1/2 on June 24th and see where it goes from there. Depends on how healthy I stay and how much more weight I can loose between now and then

      I saw your post and you are 1/3 of the way there, just keep moving forward my friend 🙂

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