First Real Run in the Newton Gravitas

Newton Gravitas photo from yesterday

Yes I know that I ran a whole mile in the Gravitas yesterday, but that was more of an excitement run than a real run. My legs were so beat up and tired when I ran yesterday, I was shocked at how well I ran in spite of that.

Going slow

I have watched most of the Newton Videos and read their literature over the past few months and take the warning that several have given me to be careful when starting out in the Newtons and to not overdo it and trash my Achilles/calves. After my experience with the MT20’s I plan to be very careful with how I transition to the Gravitas. I had planned to do between 2-3 and stop, everything felt fine and there were no aches or pains, so I did the 3.0.

I think that the work I have put in to change my form, the daily 100 ups, drills, running in the Kinvara 2 and the MT110s are going to make this transition a lot easier (plus the calf has healed up from that snowmobile trail strain). I still plan to make it a slow transition and don’t expect to make these my primary running shoes until early April.  I just want them ready for when the Kinvara have started to show a lot more wear.

So how did it go today?

The Newtons are very comfortable to run in, but I had a hard time getting a good rhythm through the first 1/2 mile. Every so often I would find the sweet spot and then lose the correct lean or how to lift instead of toe off (that is how I was taught back in the day and revert back to pretty quickly as my preferred way to run).

As I got more and more into the run, the better I felt. I won’t say that I was a speed demon, but I was moving along without putting a huffing and puffing like a wolf trying to get the three little pigs kind of effort. I stayed in the sweet spot more often and not and corrected myself when the landing started to feel clunky (good technical term, but if you run in Newtons you know what I mean).

While running tonight, I did notice that while landing on my heal is pretty easy and comfortable, however, it just doesn’t feel right and I tried to quickly correct whatever it is that I was or was not doing right pretty quickly, to get back the “correct” feel.

Also I ran right after a pretty good rain shower and the Gravitas gripped the roads without any problems. No they are not trail shoes, but that is not what they are made for and not what I got them for, I got them for running roads and maybe some dirt roads or paths, not trails. I have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to work great for me.

The reality is that 

if the Newtons do work great for me it will really cause a huge dilemma, at some point down the road. When I have to replace them after X amount of mileage (because my form is far from perfect and I know that I still weigh too much for a 5’7″ inch runner). I will have to decide if the advantages of the Newton shoes outweigh the cost of Newton shoes.  But that is a problem that I don’t have to worry about now and I can just enjoy running for a while.

Who knows, by then running in Newton’s might make me into a running Demi God and I will have Newton or someone else clamoring to give me free running shoes for the rest of my life.

Yeah right I am laughing too and have a big grin about how much of a fantasy world that would be. 🙂

Ya gotta have a sense of humor to be a runnah.


4 comments on “First Real Run in the Newton Gravitas

    • They have had an awesome start, but I will know a lot more at the 50 and 200 mile markers. In many ways I want them to be great, in others (price) I don’t, but they will be what they are and then I will have fun with my choices, but hopefully summer will be just about over 🙂

  1. Thanks for writing this up. I will keep watching to see how things go. I’m interested but not so inclined to try them yet. I have a 15k a week from Saturday and three weeks later a half to worry about before I consider shoes like these. Now I need to go do my Tempo Run. Got to keep that 8:50-ish pace tonight. Hamster wheel style…it was 82 degrees here today, way too hot for March. LOL

    • I will be doing reviews of them at 50 miles and another at 200 miles – by then I should have a really great idea of how they are going to do. The Newtons are a promising shoe that I got at a great price, but if I had to pay full retail, I would be looking someplace else – I just got lucky. From all my research they are not for everyone, but I like the new and unique, so I really wanted to try them out.

      Hope your tempo run went well and you hit your target pace :-). 82 degrees is to damn hot for this time of year and I would had a tough time with the instant transition.

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