Visiting Dad & Running a Hilly Course 3-15-12

Anglers Restaurant

Anglers Restaurant Newport - Image from their website

Yesterday turned into a DNR day and I am very happy with that choice.

I went to see dad for his birthday (which is the 19th) and we went out to lunch at Angler’s in Newport. We both had Fried Clams, French Fries and Cole Slaw (no desert), the food and service was outstanding – as usual. No it wasn’t the healthiest meal in the world, but every once in a while it is nice to just eat whatever we want to eat.

Anglers is the old Log Cabin Restaurant, where my mom worked for so many years (she started there in the 60’s) and we tend to go there when we want to do something special with dad. It has a lot of memories for us.

Then we spent the afternoon looking at the photos I had scanned last summer to put names with faces. It was a great afternoon to be inside doing this, it was freezing rain 32F and slightly slippery, so I just didn’t worry about running.

It was more important to spend time with Dad than worry about going for a run 🙂


Today I felt really good and went for a 2.6 mile walk with TheWife and Bennie before lunch and for the first day in  a long time – I didn’t have aches and pains during the walk. So the wife and I talked about where I should run today, I wanted to go a little longer. Down back is  not really ready to run through, I would have to carry my road shoes to get through there and use my trail shoes for mud running then change a couple of times to get my miles in – didn’t feel like doing that today.

Finally, we talked about me running out the Pond Rd by way of the Quaker Road. That way is a lot a lot hillier than I really wanted to run, but I also wanted to add some variety to my runs. Where we live there are a lot of hills, so I just go slow, suck it up and enjoy the run. However, the “Bitch” would be waiting for me to get back up to the house – gotta love it.

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-15-12

I just started out slow and easy, I wasn’t sure how many miles I would end up with at the end or how this hillier course would have me feeling by the end. The hills don’t look that bad in the graph, but I did feel them and yes they slowed me down a bit.

That spike just after the 50:00 minute mark was when a woman and her daughter were walking and they had a dog that wasn’t leashed. I had to stop make sure everything was cool. I got the “he’s friendly” response to my “how’s you dog going to react” The dog was friendly, but it still was running loose across a busy road and made me come to a stop when I was coming up another hill. Still I am wary around the “friendly” dogs.

When I got back to the house, the GPS said 7.4 miles, so I ran down to the end of the tar and added in Howard Circle to give me a good 8.2 mile run.

One of the hills on the Quaker Rd.

Overall, it was a good run, no real problems and just plugging along to enjoy the run. One thing about this route is that it does have a really nice scenic overlook area.

Quaker Rd Scenic Overlook 3-15-12

RunLog 3-15-12

Good run today and the hills don’t bother me like they used to, which is great!





3 comments on “Visiting Dad & Running a Hilly Course 3-15-12

  1. Sounds like some great “down time” with your pop! Awesome!

    I noticed you use the DNR vernacular which in the medical community and jargon is not exactly that same as how you use it. I know DNF, but is DNR a common term between runnahs?

    If I can get to 8:30’s by the MCM in October, I will be shooting for a < 4 hour marathon. I love your times, very nice! I am glad you are not having any pain, which means you are healing, and can concentrate on form (maybe, or whatever runners concentrate on, at least that is what I'm doing now that my sciatic nerve isn't giving me fits).

    Keep up the good work and enjoy your time with your dad!

    • It was a great day and we accomplished a lot, besides eating unhealthy stuff 🙂

      DNR = Did Not Run

      You will make the 8:30’s you have a lot of time between now and MCM. I am mostly concentrating on just running and having fun, besides you is a runnah too and it sounds like you might enjoy it just a little

      Gonna be some great weather over the next week, so gotta be healthy to take advantage of it 🙂

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