Summer Running in Winter 3-18-12

Freshly Pruned Apple Tree 3-18-12

The calendar says it is March 18th, which means we still officially have a couple days left of winter. However, Mother Nature is telling us that it is summer out here today and will be here for the rest of this week.

It is now in the 70s according to our thermometers and my body said it was hot out, while I was running.

Before I ran today we pruned the apple trees, shoveled snow piles into the driveway so it would melt faster and the lawn would dry quicker, then we uncovered the spring garden wearing shorts and a tshirt. First time I can honestly say that I have done these things this early, especially in shorts.

So on a summer day in winter, I wore shorts, my summer sleeveless top and my Newton Gravitas, to run. I worked up a summer sweat running.

Today’s run was just an easy day, after 6.0 yesterday and getting ready for my long run tomorrow. I started out slow worked on my landing and arm swing portions of my form improvement efforts today.

I wore the Newtons to work on getting used to them a little more and I know that I could run further in them if I wanted to without any problems, they feel very comfortable and the transition seems to be going great. However, I plan to just take it slow for as long as I have the Kinvaras to use as my primary shoe.

I know that I need to acclimate to this hot weather, it is a different style of running than I am used to now. Certainly I am wearing a lot less clothes (which I like) and I notice that I get tired a lot more easily in the heat (which I don’t like) that I do seasonable weather that should be in the 30s-40s.  I just have to remember to take it easy and slow and acclimate to the heat (then it will be gone and we will be back to seasonable weather, just about when I start getting used to :-).  I know that I will have a lot more fun running doing that – than if I try to push myself too hard and fight the weather that Mother Nature is blessing us with :-).

I wonder how my long run tomorrow will go, I have a feeling that it will be a slow run, I historically don’t do well the first couple weeks of hot weather, so maybe will be running a little longer, but a little slower, we will see how it goes tomorrow.

RunLog 3-18-12



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