A Just Do it Day Today 3-22-12

I didn’t get to run until late today, pressure washing the house, going through old clothes and a bunch of little jobs that I never got to last year, meant that I had to run late in the afternoon. This also meant that I was pretty tired by the time I got around to running. There is just something about pressure washing the house for 3 hours that just takes it right out of me.

The Newtons are getting so, I can just put them on and run in them, I want to try a 5-6 miler next week to see how they do. Overall I am very happy with how my running is going in them.

Today I just felt slow, between being tired and it still being over 80 degree, it was one of those days to just plug along and get it done.

RunLog 3-22-12


2 comments on “A Just Do it Day Today 3-22-12

    • Spring Garden is planted, Cold Frame planted, House Washed, Lawn raked, steps scraped, clothes put into one big container from 4 little ones, now gonna start with the chainsaw. Lots of the little stuff that you just don’t get around to 🙂

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