Ran 7.0 in the Newtons 3-28-12

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Today I ran my first longer run in the Newton Gravity and they did GREAT!

We woke up to a coating of snow on the ground – nothing serious, but it was white outside. To be honest I am just ready for it to be gone and get back to having 50-60 degree days in the sun. It was one of the crazy mixed up days weather-wise, it was cloudy and overcast, in the low 30s, then it rained a little, turned sleet, then ice pellets, a bit of hail and then some snow shower activity. 

Pace/Elevation Chart 3-28-12

During the run, I ran into a little of each type of weather, but actually once I was out in it, the weather didn’t bother me.  However, once I got to the dirt road down-back going and coming back, it felt like I was running snot and I definitely had to slow down – a lot or I would have ended up sitting or rolling around in the muck, not my idea of fun on a 30 degree day. Some places were fine, others, you just had to pick where you wanted to run – carefully.

Down-back 3-28-12

I was either doing something really right with the Newtons (or totally wrong), because for most of the run, I didn’t even notice the front lugs when I was running, I just ran. Hell I was even able to pick up the pace a little in a couple of places along Tiffany Rd.  When I came back up the hill and the footing, I just lost my umph and slowed way down.

However, I surprised myself for the last 1/2 and felt pretty darn good.

Nope the Newtons did what they are supposed to do, they rewarded me for when I kept my form decent, because when I did, I didn’t really notice the lugs up front, they just felt “right”. No hotspots, the calves felt fine, I guess my transition to the shoes is going well and I can use them pretty much however I want to now. It will be interesting to see how they do on my first “Monday Long Run” with them in a couple of weeks :-).

RunLog 3-28-12

By the way look where I was weight wise this morning 2 pounds from my goal weight :-). Running the long runs is really making a difference with getting rid of the flubber.

Splits 3-28-12


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