April Fool’s Day – A Thing of the Past

Bennie moving the stuffed dog from end of the bed into the sun

I ran a sub 18:00 minute 5K today and didn’t place in my age group, it was so amazing!

It is April Fool’s Day and it was just another Sunday, which was nice and boring.

I am not all that crazy about “all” the different days that are on the calendar today, but this one is different.

I miss the playful and good-natured hijinks that happen, the harmless pranks and the messages that could be sent to those who thought too much of themselves on this day (no I don’t enjoy or approve of mean-spiritedness from anyone at anytime).

However, it seems that many of us have gotten far too serious and that if anyone attempts or plays a harmless trick on us that someone will get all “pissy” about it, especially when those messages say things many don’t want to hear.

We don’t have time anymore to be silly or heaven forbid, someone expose a flaw in the way we do something. We must be serious all the time – enjoying life and laughing at ourselves or others (unless they are being paid to perform) is verboten.

There was a lot of good that used to come of April Fool’s Day, it relieved the build-up of pressure against those in authority or “those” who thought too much of themselves, on which the other 364 days of the year nothing could be done, without getting into trouble – sometimes a lot of trouble and could be passed off as April Fool’s prank. It was a day where the usual conventions of decor and social rank were lowered a little, to allow some of the steam to be released and it seemed to work pretty well, until recently.

However, many of the remarks that I heard or read to describe April 1st today, were disdainful towards the notion of pranks or a little tweaking of those who need a little tweaking

  • No April Fool’s B.S. please
  • stop being so childish
  • oh just cut the shit will you

I bet that you heard many comments like this today or worse.

So many people now think that any attempt, prank or joke that makes others laugh at us is a negative. Have we really gone in that direction as a society? Have we have forgotten that it is okay to laugh at ourselves or have others laugh at us is not always a bad thing when we laugh at others. Is it always wrong for the powerless to have a day where they have a day to tweak those who have power over them or someone who believes that they are god’s gift to the world.

My great-grandmother always played pranks on us on this day (even into her 80s), she always said that “eating a little humble pie is good for the soul and April Fool’s Day is a reminder to us adults that life is meant to fun too, so let’s make it fun”.

I think one of the saddest things that many of us lose or have lost is our sense of humor and our ability to laugh at ourselves and being able to good-naturedly accept a good joke or prank without being offended at least one day a year.

What happened to that kid with the big grin or shy smile after someone fell for one of our gags. Or even better when someone really got us good, people laughed at us and then we joined in, when we realized that we had been had.

Oh by the way, that first comment about the sub 18:00 minute 5K

Yes that was an April Fool’s joke.

I hope that you got and maybe you tweaked someone who thinks they are god’s gift or that someone “got” you good and you realized you had been had and laughed too.

Sometimes we just need these little pressure releases and we also need to keep our sense of humor.

I am sure that I will get someone’s knickers in a knot, but that’s okay – after all it is April Fool’s Day and it is okay to send a message.

Keep on smiling and good things can happen. 🙂


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