Base Time for 10K 4-4-12

Today was supposed to just be an easy day, where I just plug along without working too hard. I got down to the bottom of the hill in 7:56 (the GPS was only off about 200 yards today 😦 ) and just kept going at a steady pace without trying to push too hard. Going up the hills I felt pretty good and didn’t really slow down all that much, which means I am starting to get in shape a little.

Pace/Elevation Chart 4-4-12

I did slow down some when I got to the dirt road part of the course, the tire ruts and muddy areas, just make footing unsure and I don’t want to twist an ankle or a knee for no reason. I went up and over my repeat hell (hill) pretty easily and then that last hill.  I am not sure why, it isn’t that tough of a hill, but I always slow down when I get to it, must be something psychological about it.  I am going to have to do hill repeats for a few weeks on it to get over its effect on me. Yech, but effective.

I really don’t know what that major slow down was around minute 50:00, I was coming downhill and remember speeding up not slowing down, so I don’t know about the GPS at times, it is a clear area, so picking up the signal isn’t a problem???? Who know, not something to lose any sleep over, GPS is just another inaccurate training device that gives you an idea of how you did, it not to give you accurate readings of distance or speed. As long as I have that attitude towards my GPS devices, I will not be nearly as frustrated.

As I was coming up the last hill, I got to thinking that I don’t have a base time for 10K run this year and this would be a good one to use, so I stretched the 5.0 miler out to 6.2 and have my base time for a 10k now. Not very fast, but it gives me an idea of where I am at.

RunLog 4-4-12

Sometime this year I will actually race a 10K and get a “good” time, but at least now I have something to compare myself to what others are saying when they are talking about their 10K times.



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