Active Rest Day & a Milepost Passed 4-6-12

Today was a recovery run from yesterday’s hill workout and an active rest day for tomorrow’s Fly Like an Eagle 5K in China, Maine. So I planned on something between 9:00 and 10:00 minute pace. I didn’t expect the northerly wind coming straight at me which caused pretty severe tearing, while I was navigating the dried up mud ruts on the way down-back. This slowed me down a lot going through there, but I still came in right where I wanted to.

TheWife was mean, rotten and nasty to me this afternoon (not really, but I like to say it anyway), she bought me some PEEPs, which she knows I have no control around and before supper started, the 10 pack was gone. Actually I have only had PEEPs three times this year, which is a new record for me.

Speaking of a new record, I officially hit 156 on the scales this morning, which means that I have now lost 40 POUNDS since last year!!! I gained it back today I am pretty sure – today is my cheat day (homemade pizza, chips, beer, chocolate chip whoopie pie and of course my PEEPs), but will get back to getting to my original goal weight of 155 next week :-).

This to me is a huge accomplishment and I have a pretty darn big smile going on as I wrote that paragraph.

Now to get everything out for the race tomorrow, I have pretty much decided to just run in my Kinvara’s and only push a little, instead of going for the gusto. I am not in running fast shape and will only injure myself, if I try to go fast. Just have to remember that once the gun goes off ;-).

RunLog 4-6-12



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