Down & Without a Computer

Well my MacBook Pro’s logic board appears to toast. Which really sucks!

Gotta figure out what to do next:

Repair it


Get cheap windows machine that is new

Thank goodness for my old iPhone, even without service I can still do somethings.

By Harold L. Shaw Posted in Running

8 comments on “Down & Without a Computer

  1. Ugh! Our Mac is old and the power cord is failing fast. Costly replacement so we’re trying to keep ‘er going. I think of just getting rid of all the electronics but don’t want to part with my iPhone. How did this happen?

    • I your’s is a MacBook Pro Laptop, I have a spare power cord that I don’t need anymore. Technology is insidious and becomes an indispensable part of our lives or so we have come to believe. Over the course of the next few days it will be interesting to not have my own computer 🙂

    • I ordered a new Dell computer this afternoon and will have by Thursday (I hope). I am lost without access to my computer and can’t wait to get the new one – an adventure to re-learn the PC :-). I like my laptops and the portability that they let me go where I need to

    • Thanks, I did, I ordered a new Dell at about 1/3 of the price of a Mac. I liked the Mac, but it just was too expensive to replace/repair. Will use a combo of my wife’s computer when she isn’t using it and my old iPhone, probably won’t post very much to the blog until I get the new computer. Luckily, most everything is in the cloud, so I will not loose very much as a result of the Mac going down. 🙂

      • Somehow – I’m not surprised you figured it out quickly…you just seem to have that get up and go about you! Well done!

        • Thanks – it is that old “get it done and make a decision” that the military taught me to do a long time ago 🙂 Now to just be patient and wait for the new laptop to get here 🙂 not good at the being patient part.

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