Got Caught in the Rain–4/12/12

Today is one of those days that you wonder if you are going to get your run in. The VA called with an appointment opportunity for this afternoon at 10:00 A.M. Initially, I agreed to it, because it is usually hard to get into this clinic. However, when I took the appointment, I had forgotten that TheWife and I are going out for our 10th Wedding Anniversary tonight.

It was for an eye appointment and yes they dilate your eyes. This would have meant her having to go with me and then my eyes being dilated means that she would also have to drive tonight. This would sort of put a damper on things, so I called and rescheduled, I got lucky and they just had a cancellation Monday first thing. Unfortunately, it means that I will have to re-arrange my long run next week – but the change keeps TheWife happy.

Open-mouthed smile

This also meant that I was able to find time this afternoon to go for a 10K run.

The weather was in the high 40’s and the wind was out of the north 10-15 mph, so it was a little chilly, but not too bad, until it started to rain with about 2.0 miles left to go. It got a little chillier after that, but I didn’t melt and actually had a pretty good run.

Last time I ran this course it was 55:05 and today I ran it in 51:51. Actually I felt pretty strong the entire way and wasn’t pushing hard. I wore the Newton Gravitas and focused on land, lever and lift, along with standing tall. I didn’t worry about arm swing or anything else. At times I achieved whisper/quiet running and could tell the difference while I was doing it. Gotta keep trying to replicate it.

RunLog 4-12-12

Now to go out for supper at Slate’s in Hallowell for our 10th Wedding Anniversary.


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