Knowing What You Eat

A big part of running and living a healthier life-style is knowing what you eat. As a part of this effort to eat better over the past several years, we have had our own small garden out back. Last fall we expanded the spring garden and main gardens by quite a bit and added a cold frame which we use to extend our growing season up heah in Maine by a month or so for garden greens.

We planted the cold frame towards the middle of March and this is what we have now:


The spring garden was planted at the end of March and is starting to sprout.


Yesterday, TheWife went ahead and deer proofed the spring garden, they are wandering around the yard at night (footprints and gnawed on flowers are proof of that) looking for delectable garden yummies, just popping up.


Today we planted some more garden greens and I worked on deer proofing the main garden a little bit. We put some garlic cloves in the ground, just to see what happens (our winter planting didn’t work so good. It was that light colored box outside the fence (nothing around here likes garlic so we don’t have to worry about fencing it in).



With the larger garden and raised bed boxes that we are going to use inside and outside of the garden for squash and pumpkins, we should have a lot of produce coming up this year.

TheWife is the gardener and I am Harold the Destroyer. I am good at running the rototiller, pulling things up, getting rocks out, making rows (the heavy lifting) and cutting up the produce when we get ready to can or eat it.


No those are not graves Smile

The reality is that

What I like best about all about gardening (besides eating the produce), is that we know where the food we grow is coming from, what is on it and how fresh the food is. To answer the question – yes we are mostly organic. About the only thing that isn’t yet is that we don’t use a lot of heirloom seeds (yet). That pile of cow manure out in the front yard says about all I need to say about that.

Really I believe that having a garden is a good thing and knowing what you are eating is a part of a runner’s healthy life-style. No not everyone can do it or wants to have one and that is great, but I know that I plan to have a garden every year that I can. The ability to walk outside your door, pick your salad fresh from your garden and eat it less than 20 minutes later is something I now look forward to.

I have a feeling that this year is going be a great year for gardening and eating pretty decently. I know that my eating habits (yes my diet) has changed a lot over the past 12 years and I have gotten so that I enjoy eating fresh veggies and garden greens – my younger me is turning over in his grave – heaven forbid that I enjoy veggies Winking smile

How about you, what are your plans for eating this summer, will you have a garden, visit farmer’s markets or what will you do?


10 comments on “Knowing What You Eat

  1. I love gardening and knowing exactly where my food came from!! I love being able to go outside and pick my ingredients for a salad, or a meal fresh from the garden!! Your gardens look awesome, can’t wait to see what you grow!!!

    • I just hope that we get decent amounts of rain this spring and summer otherwise, it is looking a bit droughtish right now. I plan to keep writing about what does grow in the gardens this year, hope it is a bumper crop. It is the biggest change that I have done since I retired – getting more involved in the garden, plus it is a good workout too.

  2. Awesome Harold! We’ve tried gardening a couple times, but we really stunk at it. Luckily we live in Mennonite area and buy regularly from the farmstands- including bread!

    • Erik, I am really lucky TheWife makes our own bread & pizza dough much better than store bought and if it was me growing things, I would have better luck foraging in the woods than doing a garden (severe case of brown thumb) That is why they call me Harold the Destroyer (I BREAK THINGS GOOD) HEHEHE.

  3. I’m impressed, I have to admit I’m not a great gardener, I struggle to keep herbs healthy. I do agree that organic and local produce do taste and smell 100% better. At the start of the year I stopped eatting milk chocolate, that’s had a big impact on what I eat now. Enjoy your veggies.

  4. Great post, Harold! We love to garden too, but don’t have the space right now. We’re doing some container plants (tomatoes, peppers, basil, oregano, etc) and that will hold me over. 🙂 Gardening (can be) a lot of work, but it’s relatively simple and so rewarding!

    • It is simple as long as TheWife does the planting and tending…did I ever tell the story about her Asparagus patch that she had had for 10 years and how in less than 10 minutes I destroyed it with the rototiller. She was not a happy camper 🙂 and shows my gardening ability.

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