Long Hot 13.1 Done Today 4-17-12

P4170012It was an absolutely gorgeous day out there today, a tad too hot for running a long distance though. Before I left TheWife asked “if I was sure that I wanted to do this today?”

After how hot it got in Boston yesterday and how much it affected a lot of the runners she was a little worried about how I would do on a long run in the heat.

Needless to say I poo pooed her and got ready to go on the run. I did a couple of things differently though to be more ready for the heat. I added an extra water bottle, made sure I had my phone and wallet and wore my Under Armor body shirt under my white tech shirt.

I have used this 2 two shirt system with good results in hot weather, in the past (it helps a lot to avoid sweaty shirt nipple chafe and transfers sweat more efficiently away from the body than just a single shirt does) and no I didn’t really feel over heated during the run, just tired.

During the run I alternated water and my Achiva drink every other mile and had my usual Clif Shot at the Augusta town line. I got to the end of the Middle Road in 51:24 (around 6.0 miles) and to Bond Brook Road in 1:10:19 (around 8.0 miles).

However, once I got through Bond Brook I began to slow down, it got hot down in the hollow where it sapped me a lot! Going into Augusta was a pain in the butt as usual, I wonder if it is more in my head than anything when I go through there. I really hate this part of the run from College Carryout to the Maine State Housing Authority, there is just too much traffic, construction, nothing to really look at (it reminds me why I hate running in town) and today it was hot and miserable.

I know that the last 3.0 miles that I slowed down a lot because of the the heat. I can imagine how tough doing another 13.1 miles would be, like those who ran Boston yesterday did. Those who ran have my utmost respect for going through the suffering they went through in those brutal conditions.

To be honest, I was surprised that I was able to finish the run in under 2:00:00 hours in these hot conditions, it probably means I am starting to get in shapeParty smile.

The thing that disappointed me the most was that I tried a different GPS program today than usual and it came up 0.6 short of the distance that I have consistently have read out as 13.1 or so. It was really a lot of bother too, it seemed to switch between the accelerometer and GPS far too often and since I have it set to announce information on distance/pace/cadence, it was distracting. Hopefully a future update will help make it a little more accurate, because until it is, I don’t plan on using it again.

I did wear the Zensah compression socks and they did great through 10 miles, but my right foot began to bother a little the last 3.0 miles. My Saucony Kinvara2 are a little tight on that foot width wise and evidently the Zensah’s have just enough padding to make me notice it more.

What is something you can ignore at a shorter distance, becomes an issue at a longer distance and if I had had to run farther today, may have become a problem. Otherwise the Zensah’s were very comfortable and my calves and feet feel better than they usually do after my long runs. It will be interesting to see how the Zensahs do with my Newton’s – since I don’t have that problem with them.


Speaking of the Saucony Kinvara2 they now have over 220 miles on them and I am beginning to notice that my knees and hips are getting more sore than they were at the same distances in the past. So it is time to make the Newton Gravities my long run shoes and make the Kinvaras my shorter distance shoe. It will be interesting to see how the Gravities do next week on my long run – the farthest I have run in them so far is 7.0 miles, it should be a good test.

Harold RunLog 3-17-12


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